Monday, November 7, 2011

Things are Still Looking Good!

Well i want to start off by responding to some things from last week! Way to go Christian on winning that award! Your paper was way awesome and i cried a little bit while i was reading it! so good job bud! And yeah Uncle Lee, you really are a hero for all of our family! i love you tons!

Well as for this week, it was pretty good! not great, but pretty good. Not too much new happened during the week, except for Saturday. That day we went to another town like three hours away and helped Jazmin and Antonio get married! It was a really fun experience and they were really happy, you could tell! The next day, we went to their house to pick them up for church and none of them were ready. Jazmin was sick in bed so none of them came to church with us, which was a big bummer and a little bit of a downer, but i think that things are still looking good for them! As for the other family, they are progressing along better than i expected! They drove to church by themselves yesterday with their two kids! It is hard to get a read on them because they are really quiet, but they are definitely starting to warm up to us, and we have fun when we are with them, as well! There baptisms are set for this Sunday, so i hope all goes well there. Their names are Mario and Lourdes.

Also, as for Yolanda and her family, they were all confirmed yesterday in church and Yolanda is so awesome! We had her give the family home evening the other day to all of her family and she did a great job. I will attach pictures of the family home evening and of the marriage of Antonio and Jazmin. We also have some good opportunities within Yolanda’s family, like her sister, so we are working on that as well!

Today as it was p-day, we went to the center and shopped in the little shops and what not! it was really fun! I had fun getting a few Christmas gifts! I don’t really know if i should even try to send a package home, because people say they get lost, but i guess i will try.

Well, so i know i am not supposed to like eat off the street, but you can’t really avoid it, but don’t worry, i always look to make sure they have a water spout so they can wash their stuff! I also avoid all lettuce and what not! My area is the nicest in the mission and really clean so i don’t know what is up with me? Dad, we don’t eat at anyone’s homes that are super sketch! All the houses here are really nice!

This Wednesday will be sweet, as i am going to the Mexico City temple with our whole mission! It will be my first session in spanish! This is going to be rough! haha. Should be awesome.

Well not much else! all is good! love you all! Adios peeps! hasta luego!

Elder Holmes

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