Monday, September 17, 2012


Well time is flying by really fast for me in my mission, and now one of the hardest things for me is to keep 
in contact with everyone that writes me! I have been pretty lame and this is literally the only letter that I 
have the chance to write every week! So I hope those that haven’t received a letter from me, don’t taken 
offense. With the time, you really just lose yourself in the work. I don’t know where the time is going and 
why it is passing by so fast!

SO VIVA MEXICO to everyone! On Saturday, the 15th, we celebrated the Independence Day here in 
Mexico and it was really fun to be in this area. Like I have told you guys, this area is really typical Mexico 
and whenever there are fiestas, the whole town is transformed. There were a ton of people coming into 
town this whole week and the center was a really fun site. There were a bunch of people selling and they 
had live bands going on all day. Obviously, we didn’t have the time to check it all out, but the Hermana 
Mayra made us a really typical mexican dish called Pazolli. She also made us something called chilles en 
nogadas and they are extremely famous here at this time of year. If you were to go buy one of those chilles 
in a restaurant, you would find them at about 200 pesos! So that was really nice of them. The bummer for 
everyone else is that at 9 o clock it started to rain like crazy and I think it kind of pooped the party! haha. 
It was a fun time to see all of the mexicans with all of their traditions during the week!

So as for this week with the investigators, everything went pretty well for us. The hermana Yolanda, who 
we found in the open house we did, is planning to have her baptism this week, as well as the mom of 
Marlen (the 20 year old girl). Her name is Felicitas and she has also shown a lot of progress. So if 
everything works out just perfectly, we should have those baptisms on Saturday in the afternoon! Be 
praying for us!! Also we had a great find this week of a lady named Lucia and her daughter Leslie. They 
were references from a young couple in the ward. This week the standards of excellence in our mission 
changed a little bit, and now we have to have 20 lessons with members and we need to contact 10 
references every week. It is a lot different than before and we are all focusing more on just working with 
the members to have the success and to find the escojidos.  But anyways, Lucia and her daughter Leslie 
accepted during the week to be baptized and they both came to church on Sunday. We had a super spiritual 
experience with her, and she felt really amazing in the church. She and her husband need to get married, so 
we will see how everything turns out with them. 

Well this last week I pulled out 1200 pesos (almost 100 bucks) and that helped me buy a nice new man 
purse that I use everyday, fix some of my pants with a seamstress, and buy three new long sleeve shirts! 
We will see if I buy a new pair of shoes here in the next couple weeks, as well! This is my “happy birthday 
to me”!!! 

Love you all and miss you a bunch.

Elder Holmes

I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you guys about the talent show that we had as a ward about a week ago! 
Obviously I had to show the ward how I could snort the spaghetti noodle up my nose and out my mouth! 
haha! I was the hit of the show!!  Here is a photo of it, along with one of our entire zone of Cuautitlan, 
and the best of all, when we went bowling today with some of the missionaries.  We had a great time!

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