Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Tearful Goodbye to Lomas

What is up!! Well this week was a pretty good one, but also a pretty sad one. I had a bunch of pictures that I wanted to send to you guys, but I forgot my camera in my house! Ok well as you can tell from the name of my email, I left my area of Lomas. I will tell you a little bit about my new area, and then I will let you know how everything went in my last area. Right now I am actually with two comps. One named Elder Neyra and the other is named Elder Ocampo. I think that Elder Neyra will be my permanent companion because right now Elder Ocampo had knee surgery and we are going to go to the df tomorrow to check out what he is going to do. They might be sending him home. My comp has 20 months in the mission and is from Tijuana. The other, Elder Ocampo is from Oaxaca and has about 18 months in the mission. They are both really nice, and I think that we will get along just great. I am now in the zone of Cuatitlan and I am in the area of Tepotzatlan. It is a really pretty place, and it is actually a really big tourist place, so everything is like really classic Mexico! Where we live is pretty boss as well and the streets are really dope. I think I am going to like it a bunch. Ok well now on to the goodbyes from my ward of Lomas. Everyone was extremely sad to see me go. Even people that I really didnt even know started to cry when they were saying bye to me. I was impressed with how many people commented to me on the hard work that I had done. Sometimes as missionaries, we don't really realize that the members see how hard we are working, or not working, even if they aren't working with us. I had some really nice comments and another great experience with my Bishop. He and his wife both cried a little when they said bye to me, and I really enjoyed working with them as well. So after all of the meetings, we went to go say bye to Reina. I didn't think that I would cry leaving this area, but I was extremely wrong. haha. When I walked into their house, they had posters all over the wall wishing me good luck, and then she put on this slideshow that she had made me, and gave me one of the coolest gifts I have ever received on the mission! I will send pics of all of this next time, and you will have to see the slideshow she made me when I get home. Just saying bye to her was so hard, because everthing she always did for us, and how solid they are in the church. They are some of the greatest blessings I have received on the mission. Well after that, we went and visited Carmen and her mom, and other families in the ward that I got really close to. Carmen gave me a nice cologne, and they were also extremely grateful for everything that we did for them. They always call us their angels. They are also a great family. Then I also said bye to one of the youth in the ward, Victor, who always went out and worked with us. He also started to tear up and almost made me cry as well. Every one else I had already said bye to in the church because I just didn't have enough time to say bye to all of them. Well also one of the hardest things was saying bye to my comp Elder Hirst. He is a great kid and one of my best friends, for sure. I can't believe how close we became in just 3 months. I love the kid and it was hard leaving him this morning when he went to drop me off with my new comp. Ros also went to drop me off and it was a little emotional saying bye to him as well. He is one of my good friends, and I am definitely planning on seeing him after the mission as well. Let's just say that it was a little emotional with everyone! I understand now why everyone says the mission is the best two years of your life. I told my comp after leaving Reina's house, that there is NO feeling better then what I had just felt. It was a happiness that I can't even explain, and it is something that you could never feel in any other place. Wow, the church is true and I love the mission so much. Good luck getting me home! haha. So now I am off to my new adventure in my new area. I love you all, Elder Holmes p.s Mom you are going to be wicked proud of me because this week I had some spare time in the church so I sat down and learned how to play "Nearer my God to Thee" on the piano. I play it pretty well, and I wish I would have listened to you more. haha.

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