Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Great Week in Mexico!

Well first off I can't believe that Lee is taking the boat out by himself! Are you kidding me? How old is he now, anyway? To me, he still seems like some little kid! haha. I do know that he is growing up just like the rest of you, but just make sure that he doesn't crash the boat! haha. Well thanks for all of the emails, and I can't believe that Nick is actually in Fiji. That just kind of blew my mind. I thought it was a joke because I always wanted to go to Maine and I never went! And that is in the U.S. What is that all about? I told Reina and her family that my brother was in Fiji and that it was because he is the consentido of the family (spoiled one)! haha. I went on to tell them about all my brothers and how Lee is the popular one who gets all the girls, Andrew is the smart and successful one, Christian is just the boss of the family at everything, and then they asked me what I was. I told them that I was the mancha (kind of like the black sheep)! HAHA. They got a good kick out of that! They are a reallly fun family, but right now they are kind of passing through a tough time and Reina is a little stressed out with everything. Gerardo and Rocio are looking to rent their own house because they don't really get along with Reinas other kids, so we are trying to help them through it! So we do have a new president down here in Mexico and it is the person that was rigged to win it!! Everyone told me that it didn't even matter how they voted, that this Peña Nieto was going to win it all. Supposedly in other parts of the country it was pretty dangerous, but here it was super calm and I forgot that they were even voting. They had a lady running for president named Josefina that I wanted to win because she was the mas guapa! haha. Well so on to the milagros of the week! This week was pretty boss! Lorena (the sister of Reina) is going to get baptized on Saturday and going to get confirmed on Sunday if everything goes well! Pretty cool huh! Also the two little milagritos from last week got confirmed yesterday and they are both doing really good. They actually have an older brother who came to play soccer with us this morning at the church, who was baptized with the mom around 6 years ago. Now we are just preparing him to receive the sacerdocio (priesthood). Ok now so onto the best miracle of the week. I was on splits like a week ago with my zone leader and we were working in my area. We were about to head to the church for a entrevista when I thought of some random lady that we should go visit. I was thinking in my head I have already been by there and she really doesn't want anything, and actually that was the same thing that my zone leader was thinking, because he had visited this same lady with me before, and she didn't seem too interested. But we went and yeah she rejected us like she always does, but as we were walking out of the privada (or her street) this lady came out and asked us if we were preachers. She told us how her best friend just committed suicide and that she felt an impression to come and talk to us when she saw us passing. The Lord works in mysterious ways but I know that we went with that old contact to be able to find this lady. She invited us in and we taught her and her family the plan of salvation and they are all super pumped. The mom, dad, and two of their kids came to church with us yesterday. Only one of their kids didn't come because he was a little bit sick. I think they really liked church, and the 19 year old kid came to play soccer with us as well in the morning. He is a way awesome kid. The only problem is that the mom and the dad have to get married, so we are going to talk about all of that this week, but I think they are really a great family! It was such a blessing and the Lord has so many people that are prepared to hear his gospel. He will always put us in the right place at the right time! Well I love you all! got to go! haha. love, elder holmes P.S. Check out this hamburger that we ate. It weighs 1 kilo! haha. I thought of nick. It had bacon, ham, cheese, and everything else nick would ever want! haha. We went with Ros and between the three of us, we didnt even finish it! haha.

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