Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best Week Yet!

Here is Scott's e-mail for the week.  We sure had a wonderful call with him on Christmas day and he is seriously living his dream!  He looks good and his spirits were high (no big surprise with Scott!)  He sure loves being a missionary!  Scott wanted us to pass on his love and appreciation for each one of you and wishes you a great 2013!

xoxo -- Carolann

Dear Family,

Wow what a fun time it was to talk to all of you on Tuesday! That was the best!  I forgot to tell you mom, how much I LOVED that book that you sent me with everyone's favorite scriptures, quotes and memories in it!  It was really fun to read through all of that.  Please tell everyone who contributed how much I loved it and thank them so much for me!  That was the best gift ever!  I can't believe how fast this last year has come and gone, but one thing is for sure... This was the year most full of spiritual blessings and the best year I have ever had as far as strengthening my relationship between me and our Savior. I love the mission and I'm seriously receiving tons of blessings from the Lord.  It's unbelievable. The time is just going by a little too fast. I love the great blessings that I have received and am so grateful for the WONDERFUL people we have met! 

Well so this week for many in our mission was kind of a tough one, because of all of the vacations and stuff, and most people haven't been in their houses, but for us it was one of the best weeks that I have had yet! We found some of the most prepared people that I have ever met in my entire mission!! SO let me tell you a little bit about them. On Wednesday we really still hadn't found anyone because of the holidays, but we had a reference that we had received from a funeral service that they had here in the stake. About two weeks ago, a joven of about 20 years old (named Aaron) died in a car accident. A week ago they had a funeral service for him, and we then received a reference of a 20 year old girl named viviana who was really good friends with Aaron. We went on Wednesday in the night, to find their humble little apartment. Viviana answered the door and immediately invited us in. We walked in and also met her twin sister Viridiana and the mom, Angeles, along with a little 5 year old boy named Salomon.  We started to teach them the first lesson when the mom interrupted us and said "I have already read your book and I already know that it is true". She then went on to tell us how the boy who had died told Viviana about a week before he died that he was going to give her a book that would change her life. He then died and was never able to give them the book. When they went to the funeral, a member of the church approached her and gave her the Book of Mormon and told her it was from Aaron. SO when they got home, they started to read the book as a family, and then we got there wednesday in the night. Throughout the whole lesson they were in tears and they told us that they were sure that all this was a sign from our Heavenly Father. The mom and the two twins accepted to be baptized, and it was an extremely powerful moment for all of us as we felt the spirit. Well, we put another cita with them on Friday to go back and meet her other two daughters, Angy and Luisa. Angy is 14 and Luisa is 17. We kind of had some doubts in our mind that they would also accept everything, but the second lesson was even better then the first one! At the end of the lesson we invited Luisa to say the prayer, and without a question, she started the prayer. About half way through she started crying and was thanking the Lord for sending her and her family these two angels that were answers to all the prayers that she has made in the last year! SO as you can imagine by this point tears also start to fill my eyes as I realize the work that our Father in Heaven is actively doing with his children, and how he sent us at the PERFECT moment to find those that need the gospel most. What an awesome experience it was. Walking out of the lesson we were on cloud nine, and had told them that we were going to pass by for them on Sunday. That always gets me a little nervous of the things that could happen to prevent them from going to church, but we put our faith and our prayers in the Lord, and when we went for them at their house on Sunday, they were all there waiting for us outside in dresses. I can't believe the blessing the Lord gave us this week! The mission is really the LIFE! They all loved church, and tomorrow we have another cita with them.

Well Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that you can all make your goals for this next year, and that you guys have a great night tonight. As for me and my comp, we have to be in the house at 7:30 so that is going to be a party! haha. I love you all so much,

Love,  Elder Holmes

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