Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Spiritual Week!

SO another spiritual week!!

I dont have too much time today because I got a bunch of letters from all of my bros and stuff, and I have to be going down to the state of Mexico in a couple of minutes so that we can go to a junta for the zone leaders.  But the best part of the week is that the family is still just progressing like crazy. We have seen so many miracles with them and the ward is being so extremely nice to them! This week I thought I would just share a couple of different stories that we had with that family. 

We went one of the days to drop off a couch that some people in the ward gave to them, and we went with a really solid member family. Viviana told us of a dream that she had and how she was in the pila bautismal and her friend Aaron (who died) was there watching as she entered into the water. They were all in tears explaining to us how they knew this was where God wanted them to be. On sunday they all came to church and they were inviting all of the members to their baptism next week. In church all of the members got together to see what kind of things they had extra to help out the family. They collected an extra stove, couch, table and some other small things like utencils. This family is so special, but they really don't like receiving things. They just like giving us stuff! haha. They didn't have anywhere for us to sit this last week so they went out to buy these little chairs that we could sit on so we didn't have to sit on the floor. And every single day this last week they invited us to eat. We tried saying that they didn't have to do that, but they just love giving us everything that they have. One day my comp said that my favorite food is green enchiladas and the next day, that is exactly what they made for us. I then told them one of my favorite foods, and sure enough, the next day they made my favorite! I can't believe how great this family is, and how prepared they have been to listen to the gospel!

SO our other investigator who is getting baptized is named Claudia. She wasn't progressing too quickly until this last week!  She is also way pumped about everything she is learning and has already invited all her non-member friends to her baptism next week in the church! We are just seeing some great blessings from our Heavenly Father! t The work is amazing!!!!  

Elder Holmes

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