Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Short & Sweet from Elder Holmes

Hi everyone.  Short and sweet from Elder Holmes this week.  He is obviously having such a good time doing what he's doing that he forgets it's time to write home!!!  Gotta love him!

Hope you're all doing well.....Carolann 

WOW MY BIG BRO IS GETTING MARRIED! THAT IS SO BOSS! I am now going to have a cuñada! That is going to be soooooo sweet. I am so excited for the both of you and I want to let you both know that now everyone here in Mexico will know that my big brosef is getting married! haha!

As for the week, it was a great one, and it is a riot to be with Elder Hyde again. We get along so great and the whole entire day is spent just laughing and having such a good time. As for the work, Raul and Maria (the ones who contacted us a couple of weeks ago) are getting baptized this Sunday! They are soooo excited, and they have already started inviting everyone to their baptism. I hope everything just turns out great for them! We also have some other investigators who are progressing and we will see when they end up getting baptized. I love this ward.  We are receiving some great references from the members and my converts are soooooo solid in the church because the members care so much about them!  Anyway, I have so many thoughts in my head, but I dont really have too much time today. I have to head down to the Estado of Mexico for the zone leader conference, so we really don't have much time. Of course, we went to play soccer today, and we probably spent way too long doing that, but it was so much fun!  And I still want to write a couple of letters to my brothers and what not!

One fun thing that I will share is that Hoopes and his family came up here this last week to visit all of his converts. He was still a missionary the whole time, which he said was a little hard, but they had a great time getting to know Mexico. It was really fun to see them, and It made me so excited for when you guys are going to come down to visit!  The bros have to start learning spanish. Tell Lev-cox to put in the pilas and to start teaching them, SO they can at least say more than the diferent colors! haha. Just kidding Levster! 

Well love you all so much! AND DONT YOU THINK I FORGOT YOU MOM!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO NOW BE 65! HAHA. I love you so much mom, you are the best, and I don't know where I would be without you! You deserve to have a day where everyone just spoils you! I hope you have a great day, and just know that I am always thinking about you!

I love you all!

Elder Holmes

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