Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Couple of Great Weeks for Elder Holmes!

Hi everyone!  Here are bits and pieces from Scott's last two e-mails.  Our family has been in Canada (of course, Scott references that here!)  Hope all is well with each of you........

JANUARY 21, 2013.........Well I am not going to lie, I am pretty dang jealous about where you guys are at, and it has definitely been hard to not think about it this last week that is for sure. I thought it was a even a bigger smack in the face when I saw that you guys went curling! Everyone in the family ALWAYS made fun of me when I would watch curling in the olympics and laughed when I said that I wanted to do it! Well thanks for inviting the one who has really wanted to curl! haha. It looks like you guys are just having an awesome time up there. I hope that you are all getting along, as well! You know me, the peacemaker!!!

This week was pretty uneventful, and I don't really have too much to write about. My comp only has a week left of the mission, and he is getting excited for his parents to come down here and pick him up. He has finished his mission off strong, and I am proud of him.

I would like to just take a little bit of time to thank my Uncle Lee. I heard that he will be going in for another surgery soon, and when I heard that I felt so bad for him. Uncle Lee I love you a bunch, and I don't know how you do it. I hope that you know you are in my prayers, and the sacrifice that has been made in behalf of my dad and my family has not been made in vain. You taught me what the words love and sacrifice really mean. Thanks for everything that you have done, and I pray for you every night. Thanks Uncle Lee.

Also I want to congrat Nathan Jensen! That is so awesome about your mission call to serve in Taiwan. You will love it, and just know that the Lord sends us to the place where he needs us most. You will be a great missionary! Love you bud! Great decision that you made!

Love elder holmes

JANUARY 28, 2013............Hey guys,

Well the pictures that you guys sent me looked absolutely gorgeous. I hope that you all just had an amazing time. I still can't believe still that you went without me, but I guess I will get over it some day! haha. I also want to make a couple of Birthday shoutouts! I missed Sean Cassity's birthday on the 25th. I hope that you had a great day. Man you are getting old! haha. Also Bryan Padua on the 2nd and Mary on the 3rd. I hope you guys have a great day. I am thinking about you! Feliz Cumpleaños!

So Elder Hoopes just left today! It was a sad departure, but I will see him for the last time next Sunday! He finished his mission this week but is touring around with his parents.  You guys will not believe who my comp is now!! It is my good friend Elder Hyde! He was with me down in Tepalcapa. I watched him be born (in the mission sense! haha!) He is a great elder, and we are super excited to work together. I am sure that you guys kind of remember that name, because I always talked a lot about him, but next week I will send you a foto so that you guys can remeber what he looks like. He should bring some great excitement to the area! 

As for the week in the ward, it went pretty well for us! About three days ago we were walking down the street when a lady who was standing in her door contacted us, and invited us in. She started to explain many different problems that she had in her life, and she just looked super sick. She told us how her husband had left her six months ago, she is bipolar, and has a bunch of other diseases. We prayed with her, invited her to church, and invited her to be baptized! She accepted everything, but we weren't too sure if maybe we just found her on one of her good days!! The next day we met with her again, and when she answered the door, she looked completely different! She was all dressed up and smiling. We also noticed a man in the kitchen when we walked in. She said, "God has worked a miracle, and now my husband is back with me in the house!" We sat down and talked with both of them, and the husband also accepted everything! Then on Sunday we went to pick them up for church. For many people it is hard to go to church, because it's at 8 in the morning. Especially for older people. But when we passed by they were both ready to go! They said that they loved church, and we have a cita with them this Tuesday, so we will see how things go with them! It was a great experience!

Well, I'm loving the mission and the awesome experiences I'm having. I love the chance that I've been given to help people change their lives!  Keep being strong members of His church, and keep the faith!  I love you all.

Love, Elder Holmes

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