Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wow! I am Mad!

Hi family.  Here is Scott's letter for the week.  He was a little ticked that Nick hadn't opened his call before he wrote on Saturday morning.  He was able to go on a bit later and his e-mail to us then was simply "TELL ME WHERE HE IS GOING!!!!!"  We were fortunately able to e-mail him right back with the news of Sao Paolo Brazil, and his response was "YESSSSS!!!! Hey bud I am way pumped for you!!! Congrats! You are the boss! i love you so much!" We are thrilled that Nick and Scott will be able to enjoy 3 weeks together after Scott comes home and before Nick leaves.  Thanks to you all for your support this weekend - and ALWAYS!  Love you.....CA

Hi guys.  So I got here to the offices all early today to see if you guys had emailed me where Nick is going on his mission!  But no!  Sooo rude!  My guesses are (1) Argentina -- I'm sure he's going here!  But if he goes to Mexico, I'm guessing Queretaro and if he goes stateside, I'm guessing California.  I think I'm going to win!!!
Hey guys,
So this is going to be a really short email because I am super ticked at all of you today because I have to wait even more time to see where Nick is going to be going on his mission! haha. I couldn't even sleep last night, and now I have to wait another night just thinking about it. I did dream last night that he was sent to Vera Cruz mexico! I really hope that he comes here to Mexico! It is the best country ever! And it would be even sicker if he came to the mission that I am in or the Queretaro mission! But I am super excited to see where he will be spending the next 2 years of his life. The mission is the best experience that any young man can have, and a wonderful way to forget about yourself and work hard to help other people! Nick, I am so excited for you!  I just know that the Lord will send you exactly where He needs you!
Wow the weeks just pass by crazy fast because it seems like we always have a million different things that are going on!! Last saturday was the baptism of Loli, which was another great experience, and she was so happy! She is a really old lady, and lives in Chiapas. She headed back to her house this week, but she went as member of the church to take the message back to all of her family. She is such a great laady, and I will send you guys the pics of the baptism that we had. This week was spent in capacitaciones in the state of Mexico and the state of Hidalgo. We had meetings for all of the leaders in the mission. President and Sister Call, along with my companion and me, gave the capacitations. On wednesday after the meeting in Hidalgo, we stayed up there and worked with some of the missionaries. We got back about mid-day on Thursday and only had Thursday night and Friday to work in our area. It is kind of tough with so little time to work in our area but it looks like after this week things will start to calm down a little bit. On monday, 6 Americans are coming in! I am pretty excited to see them, because it gives me hardcore flashbacks to what it was like when I first got to the field. Also with nick opening his mission call, it has taken me back to 2 years ago when i opened my call and went through the temple. I actually just renewed my temple recomend because it had been two years since I first went in!  I cant believe that!  It feels like yesterday when all of that was happening. The time in the mission really has passed by soooo fast. Maybe I will just extend for another year! haha. (I would but I have to get home to be the best man in the wedding!) All this talk about me being the best man, and i have never once been asked to be the BM! haha. Then on Tuesday we have the meeting for all of the trainers and the new missionaries, and then on Wednesday we have the meeting with all of the zone leaders here in the offices. After that it should be pretty calm and then we will focus in on doing divisions with the zone leaders, studying with the new missionaries, etc. 
I don't know if you guys have realized, but I am trying to write better weekly letters since I have been here in the offices because it has been way too hard for me to write in my journal! I have been pretty good at writing in my journal my whole mission. I had never missed a full week without writing, and for most of my mission, I have written every single day. But right now there just seems to be no time. And many times we aren't even in the house! So, mom help me out by printing out all of my letters. I feel bad not writing, and I need to find the time to do it. Also this last week we successfuly switched houses, and the new house is pretty legit. I will have to send you guys some nice pics of it. It is the nicest house that I have lived in my whole mission. 
Now to finish my letter off I want to tell you guys of a experience that I had this last Sunday in church. We went at 11:30 with the bishop before church started at 12 to have a little junta with him and his counselors. When we were finishing up the meeting and going to get ready for the first hour (sacrament meeting) he says "Oh Elders, you guys are speaking today in church!  I love when they do that!!!  It was fun though because I got to present myself with the ward, and I talked a little bit about our example as members. I shared with them a quote that I like "Live everyday so that the people who are around you will want to know Christ, because they know you!" I talked a little bit about the Amaya family (my converts in Queretaro) and how because of the good influence of their friend who died, they wanted to know Christ. I think it went well. I have gotten pretty used to speaking on the spot!  Well I love you all!  Send me an email right when Nick opens his call!!!! I am pumped!!
Elder Holmes

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