Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Not all Kicks and Giggles Out Here!

Well this week was the hardest and worst week i have had since i have been on my mission. It started with us going down to the city, which i thought was going to be an awesome experience, but i got sick... again! It was the exact same thing as always. I always know when i am going to get sick. So i worked with one of the zone leaders and just felt like crap. I threw up a couple of times in one of the houses of some recent converts in his ward! (impressive!) My companion and I then returned to Queretaro and hadn't worked at all in our area, and hadnt seen Andres all week. We had a cita set up with him on thursday night and he didnt show up. We called him and he was like 'yeah, i need to talk to you guys. I dont want anything to do with the church anymore and i dont even want to talk to you guys anymore'. I felt like i just got hit by a bus (actually, i felt like walking into the street and getting hit by a bus, as well) haha. I was so sad. The guy was our miracle. He was literally perfect. He had bought a wedding ring and everything for his member girlfriend, and now, because of the last minute push by satan, he is a single 27 year old, no fiance, and not a member. I was so sad for him. I have to really push myself to stay positive though. Yolanda and her 2 kids and 2 nephews are progressing great. i hope this is the blessing and the end to all of the trials that i have been having.

Well then it was my birthday. Mom i got the little package but still not the birthday one. I only got the one with the halloween stuff in it, which i loved, so thanks so much for that. Supposedly my other package is in one of the other buildings here in queretaro and i will get it tomorrow when we have a junta with president and our zone. On friday night, we went to the Castillos home and they had a cake for me and they gave me a sweet mexico jersey (i will send pics!) They are so nice and so awesome to me. And then on the actual birthday, one of the families here took us out for carnitas in another city that is famous for carnitas, and they also gave me a nice birthday gift. the people in the ward are so awesome to me and it was really nice. Other than that, it didnt really feel like a birthday. No breakfast in bed, and i had to work all day! haha.

Well the adversary is working extremely hard not only on me, but also on our investigators. Everything that has happened makes me just get mad and not want to work as hard, but i am not going to let that happen! I promise. I am going to work even harder and put all my faith in the lord. I do know that the blessings come after the trials of our faith, and i hope that i will be able to write next week and bear testimony of that! well, love you all and keep me in your prayers, because every single tuesday i get sick! (what's up with that?) i think i have something growing inside of me! haha. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that i dont get sick tomorrow.

Love you all,
Elder holmes
(Sorry that this letter was a little down, but hey it isn´t all kicks and giggles out here. it is the hardest thing i have ever done, but worth it, at the same time.)

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