Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference was so Legit!

Ok well i am going to try to fly because i just found out that we actually only have 45 minutes on the computer instead of an hour so that is just awesome. SO Thanks dad for sending me those object lessons. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ellen Lewis. I dont know if you read my letters ellen but i hope you have an awesome birthday tomorrow.

Welll this week was pretty sweet! can you believe that today is the first transfers of my mission? I lose my district leader elder mcleary and one other missionary. I will miss them. They were way good elders. so on tuesday of this week one of the APs came and worked with us for the day, which was pretty sweet. He helped me out a lot because he spoke english and i was able to tell him some of my concerns, so he could help me fix them with my comp. He really stressed working with the members, which i agree that it is one of the most important things. Well then after he left we had some great success during the week and met people that i thought were golden. They accepted all of their commitments, but again, all of them had different excuses for conference yesterday and we only had one of them come with us to priesthood and one came to the session on sunday.

Wow what a conference huh? I really enjoyed listening to it. All of the american elders and some others who spoke english watched it in a different room. I wanted to be able to listen to it in spanish, but i got a ton more out of it by listening to it in english. I called it "el salon para los gringos!" haha. Wow elder holland's talk in priesthood was so legit. actually all of priesthood was legit. and i enjoyed all the sessions and took tons of notes on how i can be a better missionary.

On wednesday we went to a member's house for lunch, but i had eaten 10 tacos with one of our investigators like 2 hours before, so i was already pretty full. haha. When we got there, she served us the nastiest soup i have ever smelled and tasted. I literally almost threw it back up into the bowl about 3 times. (mom i hope that you aren't editing my letters for the general public.) haha. Ok so then after that she fed us straight rice. plain. a whole plate! Then fish with the biggest mound of zuccini and cactus and corn. Rebecca jensen would have been so proud of me because i pounded all of it! Sorry rebecca that i never ate your zuccini! haha. Needless to say i was feeling so sick. We left in a hurry and ran to a member's house and all i could say to him was "Puedo vomitar en su BaƱo?" haha.

Well dad to answer your question, i am in the bario fresnos and i attend church in satelite. I was pretty bummed yesterday because for three weeks now none of our investigators have been keeping their commitments to come to church. I sat down with my district leader and we listed the things that i need to do in my companionship. We concluded that i needed to start taking the lead and not letting him control everything, like the length of our lessons. But i couldn't be too sad because conference was just way legit. We did have such a spiritual experience with margarita the other day. She had a dream how she was at the gates of heaven and the guy said 'you cant enter yet. you arent ready'. And then we showed up at her door and started teaching her exactly what she needed to be ready. I felt the promptings of the spirit to read 2 nephi 31, the last verse that says how this is the only path and the only way we can enter into the presence of god and it's the true word of god. We then sang her a hymn and she was crying. It was a way spiritual experience. The next day when we went back to her house, her daughter had shown her a bunch of anti mormon literature on line and she is now "all confused". well we figured out that she had read the book of mormon and asked to know if it is true. Without that sure witness, anyone will fall to the junk that is put out there on the internet. I asked her if she would rather read the words of god found in the book of mormon, or read the words of uneducated prideful people. We are going to meet with her today, so i dont know, but it isnt looking so great.

Right now we are getting our butts kicked and satan is working hard on the people, but we need to be more like elder holland. I need to stop worrying about my spanish and just talk!! well i hope that all is well!

Sure love you all!

Elder Holmes

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