Friday, October 14, 2011

Messi in Mexico!

Well hey there!

Well as you can tell from the title of my email i finally got to play soccer today with some of the guys in my zone. And yeah you guessed it. I looked a lot like messi on the court! haha. It was really fun that we actually got to do stuff with our zone and on a p`day! Well to answer some questions: things with my companion are going pretty good. i will go into more detail later on that. And Margartita wasn't home this week to visit, so it looks like she has kind of fallen away, which is really too sad. My new district leader is elder far and yeah he is an awesome missionary and extremely obedient, which is a good thing.

Ok so i have decided that the people here might be a little bit racist. In the stores they sell this donut that is really good but it is called the Negrito. And on the package, sure enough, is a little black guy with a fro! it is a big joke with all of the american elders and the negritos really are delicious! haha. Oh and also last monday i ate a freaking torta on the street and it messed me up real bad! haha. i was sick for the next 2 days and one night didnt sleep at all.

Well now to the serious part! This week we had a zone conference on tuesday and it made me realize that i am not putting enough effort into each day. For the first part of the mission, i have only contacted about 5 people a day or less, because i was afraid of my spanish at time,s and the people are sometimes rude. Well since i was sick in the beginning of the week, i really didnt feeel like contacting at all. But all of a sudden, i had the urge to just start contacting. I was like 'might as well start now', because sometimes i would say 'oh well, i will do better tomorrow'. but you know how that works out? Well long story short, the first lady i contacted was super excited and was like 'yeah come to my house. i want my whole family to hear!' So we met with them and she told us how she was walking that day on the street wondering how she was going to fix her family problems, when i contacted her and told her we had a message about eternal families. I know that the spirit works in many different ways, and a lot of times in ways we dont even realize. Since then i have had at least 10 or more contacts everyday and the lord also blessed us with another miracle this week. His name is Andreas. HE is golden. He is going to be baptized in two sundays. So long story short, i know that when we do all that we can do, we are blessed with the guidance and promise of the lord.

We also taught this mother and daughter this week. It is so sad. They don't talk to each other at all, and the daughter won't forgive her mom and all this stuff. We had to teach them separately because they won't even sit in the same room. The daughter is 16 and has a baby that is already 1 year old. so yeah, I would say the mom had a little bit of a reason to get mad, but it has gotten worse, i guess. It made me realize how lucky i am to have a mom like you, mom! You're the best and i love you so much. i'm realizing that so many times we don't see the blessings in our life until we are exposed to the exact opposite. We are still working with them but it is way tough!

Well it sounds like all is going way well! Everyone here is way nice. hopefully someone will remember that it's my birthday next week and treat me real nice! keep up all the good work! love you all and miss you sometimes! haha.

Love elder holmes

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