Monday, January 9, 2012

I Am the Luckiest Guy to be here in Mexico!

Well what is up!!

I will just start off today by saying that I didn't throw my back out! But I might have dislocated my shoulder playing soccer today! Just kidding mom, but it hurts like none other. The baptism was awesome! We Baptized Salvador and Alan on Saturday morning. They are both pretty shy people and they didn't really want anyone to come to their baptisms. As for sara, we couldn't work out how they could get married, so her baptismal date is for this following Saturday. Elder Ostergaard and I are going to go down to this place that is really far away to get them married this week. Alan is real legit and i had the honor to baptize him as well on Saturday. We have a really strong relationship and he is pumped to leave on a mission in a year.

Well i am trying to think of what else I could say in this letter. I am thinking back on this last week and really don't remember too much of it! haha. After the baptism, we went over to Salvador's house and he cooked pizza for about 20 different people! Including sara, alan and their family, so that was also a great experience and a bonding time for them with some of the other members from the ward. Salvador cooks like a boss and he is always so generous with us. He was like a totally different guy after his baptism. I had never seen him happier. He was participating in all of the classes on Sunday and was just so positive. He always hated being in groups but something happened over night that now he just seems really at peace and happy. I think it is safe to say that his baptism changed his whole perspective on life. The guy is really awesome and I am the luckiest guy to be here in mexico!

We also brought a couple other people to the church named Maria and this Bizmar kid again! We have baptismal dates with them for this coming Sunday, but we will see how it all turns out! Oh and one more thing. This week was pretty tough. I found myself just completely exhausted. I had no energy and it was really tough to keep pushing along! Saturday night came and I think the Lord knew the tough week i had had. And as we were walking back to the house, I had three different people contact me, asking us if we could come to their house! It was so random! Never in my mission has that even happened, so we will see what happens with these different people! I know that God has a plan for every one of his children and I am only here to find the ones who have been prepared to hear that plan! Well, love you all!

Elder Holmes

P.S. i will send photos of the baptism and what not, and of these sweet astroturf soccer fields we played on today!!

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