Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Messi Never Rests!

Well a Big happy birthday shout out to Seanie Cassity this week. I hope the birthday is just awesome for you on the mission! I want you to know that i am reading your letters and you are doing such great work! Sure love you seanie! It's also hard to believe that it has been two years on friday, that dad had his kidney transplant. Uncle Lee, i want you to know that a day hasn't gone by that i haven't thanked Heavenly Father for your amazing sacrifice! i love you so much. And Lee Holmes, congrats on the eagle scout award! The pictures were awesome and i sure wish i could have been there to sit in the eagles nest! Let me guess, Grandad tried to go sit in the nest like he always does!!! Maybe if he would have left his mother side as a child to go camping, he could have sat in the nest as well! haha. I am just kidding g-pa! You are still pretty hard core and your support means the world to me and the fam!

Well everything down here is still going well. We didn't have too much success this week but i did have some pretty cool experiences. On Thursday, we had a zone conference where we learned a bunch of good stuff and it got us really excited to work! And then on Friday i went on inter cambios with my district leader elder marquez! He Is really awesome and i learned some great stuff from him! We had a ton of success when we worked together and I learned more really good stuff. I can see and feel myself progressing in my lessons and in my teaching. So as for the baptisms, Roman the brother of Alan and the son of Sara, should be getting baptized this saturday.

Today we went to play a little soccer and basketball but i have a little bad news! I think i kind of pulled my muscle last week! Last sunday Roman was joking around with me and he went running out of the church, so of course I started to run after him and yeah, you can take it from there! I am that stiff and weak right now! So i played last monday and could hardly play, but today I used a ton of icy hot and a bandages! haha. Messi never rests! It was really fun though and we had Allan come play with us and also my convert Israel, who can play really sick! So as you can see, everything is going pretty well. I think i will probably be gone in about 2 weeks but who knows? I wouldn't mind staying here. All of the people here like me and i need to watch out because whenever i say something is cool, they give it to me! Even the shirt off someones back! haha. I feel like i am robbing them if I take it from them, but they take offense if i don't!

Well still working hard and everytthing is going great!! I love you all! keep me in the prayers! I always need the help!! Peace out boy scout!

Elder Holmes

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