Monday, February 13, 2012

My new area of Cuatitlan!

Well hey family!

Hey birthday shoutout to Matt Winters, who has his birthday on the 18th. And also a congrats to Aaron Jensen on his mission call! That is so awesome! Brazil is going to be super dope. I hope you have already started working on your portugese!!

As for me, I am pretty pumped up! This new area I am in is pretty awesome and my new comp, Elder Cruz is already my favorite comp that I have had. I am already learning a ton from him and we are going to have some great success together I can tell. He is from vera Cruz Mexico and he has about 10 months in the mission. He is as tall as I am and he is a really funny kid. We are working on his english, so he can come up and study at the Y! Wouldn't that be great? SO he has asked to see some of my photos from the Y but i don't really have any, so if you could send me some to my email that would be much appreciated. Send the ones with the chalk party and some with my friends! The bummer about my new area is that I wont be sending too many pictures because it is a little too dangerous to be carrying my camera around all of the time. Although, I am going to send some of the fotos from my last area today, and one photo that i know Nick will love haha. Since the area is pretty hilly, I thought when i got here that it looked like I might losing a little weight. But then my comp introduced me to a little something called banderillas. Oh no. This is the photo i am talking about. They are giant corn dogs with the hot dog, bacon, pineapple, chicken nuggets, cheese, and much more, all wrapped into one. Seriously Nick's dream! The history of this place is as follows, The guy who opened this store was a missionary and one day at a district meeting, all of his american comps bought corn dogs to eat from walmart. The guy said "that isnt a corn dog! I will show you a corn dog!" and he made these for all of his companions. Of course they loved them and so after the mission he opened this store. So yeah, i probably wont be losing too much weight after all. haha.

Ok as for my investigators, we have a bunch. Two that we are hoping will get baptized this saturday are named Guillermo and Gire. Gire has a strong testimony and will be getting baptized, but Guillermo still hasn't developed the same. My comp and his old comp found these two in this battered down house, totally hammered drunk. Since that day, they haven't drank at all and are renting a house with one of the members here. It sure looks like they are doing a hundred times better. Guillermo doesn't feel like he has received a spiritual answer yet, but we had an extremely spiritual lesson with him last night. I sure hope that he will able to get baptized with his wife. We have a bunch more investigators, but one that i would like to talk about is a guy named Andres. We worked extremely hard this week and found like 16 new people to teach. Unfortunately, none of them, as the week went on, were able to asist the church, except for only one. We prayed saturday night asking our Heavenly Father to show us a miracle on Sunday. We had worked so hard to find all of these people but none could attend church with us that day. Well on Sunday, this guy Andres shows up with his inactive wife, pretty much just asking us to baptize him! Unreal! It was a direct blessing from the Lord, I know, and I hope that all goes well with him. Good thing is that he really liked church, as well.

I think that is about all that I have to say. Oh yeah, and one more thing I have to say mom, is that I hope you sent those sheets! My house is the coldest place I have ever slept in in my life! It's like I am getting my polar penguin merit badge every single night. haha. I actually am a little bit sick with a cold at the moment. I'm sure the sheets would help!

Love you lots.

Elder Holmes

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