Monday, February 20, 2012

Short & Sweet This Week

Hey family,

Well congrats to my little bro nick for getting into byu. No big surprise as you're so amazingly smart! I am excited for you!

Ok so President called us last night and told us that we would be coming to the offices today to train one of the new missionaries. So Elder Cruz and I are now with Elder Rojas as well. He is a mexican but has lived in the US his whole life, so he speaks both spanish and english. He seems really cool. So you might be wondering "well that is more than two missionaries". You are correct! haha. We are in a threesome from anywhere from one week to the end of this change, when Elder Cruz will be leaving our area to train someone else. So that is the exciting news for today and I will be sure to send the picture of the three of us today.

As for the area, we had a pretty tough week with investigators and we didnt have any baptisms this weekend due various problems. But this Sunday we should be having a baptism of a family of 3. The mom, dad and there kid. They are a pretty awesome family and i think everything will work out with them. We are still working hard, but we had a couple tough situations this week, like with andres who is a little more scientific-thinking and will need to really pay attention to his spiritual promptings, instead of over-thinking everything so much with his head. We had interviews with President this week which went pretty well. We also went to marry the couple who will be getting baptized this week, so i really didn't have too much time to work in my own area.

I dont have too much time to write because of the long training meeting that we had today, but i will fill you all in on more details the next week. Love you all!

Elder holmes (Elder Cruz is on the left, my new comp Elder Rojas in the middle, and then me!)

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