Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That was Wicked Fun!

Family & Friends: On Sunday our family was able to Skype with Scott and needless to say, it was so much fun! It was great to see him and to hear his great laugh. He looks good and is very happy. Since we spoke for over an hour, his e-mail below is short. He asked that I just summarize a few things for you. So......While we were skyping, there was a young mexican boy from the ward who never left Scott's side. This young boy was touching Scott, playing with his hair, ears, etc. throughout the entire conversation. Scott just continued with his call as if this was normal. I asked him if the kids are just constantly all over him and he said "Yah mom - they think I'm the next best thing to Maruchen" (which is that packaged dry soup that comes from Mexico)! So I guess he is just used to it! I also asked him if he ever feels sad or lonely and he said "Why would I?" So ya see......Scott is still Scott! He's doing great. He loves the work he's doing and especially the people he's growing so close to. A woman he baptized a month or so ago, Reina (which means "Queen" in Spanish) came on Skype with her son, as well, and we were able to meet them. The son and his wife will be baptized soon. Anyway, Reina had written a sweet poem for us that she wanted to read over Skype, about what a wonderful blessing Scott has been in their lives. They love him -- and he fits right in! We had him speak spanish to us, and Andrew, Steve and I were all amazed with his mexican accent! He loves the comp he's with, a greenie from North Ogden. They are having great success together. He had one baptism on Sunday (see pic). The other three (Elia and her children) will get baptized this next week. He asked about each of you and wanted me to tell you how much he loves and appreciates your support. Thanks again for all you do to encourage and love our boy. We love you too......Carolann So what's up family? Wow that was really wicked fun to be able to talk to you guys on skype yesterday. You all looked really happy and a couple a little fatter, but hey join the party! haha. I dont have too much to say as i just talked with you yesterday, but moving onto this next week, i do want to say happy birthday to chris cassity on the 18th and also my daddy on the 19th! I hope that you both have awesome days. Dad i love you so much and am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. Well i will include today some photos today of the baptism and everything that went down this week. Oh and btw's, i did go buy my jerseys today and they are so freaking sick! i think i spent about 100 bucks but it was a 100 bucks really well spent! We went to play soccer today with the whole zone and it was a good time but i really have to stretch out before i play! haha. wow i am getting old! Well nick have fun with the last week of school, and live it up! Congrats on graduating. Might not seem like a lot, but hey thats a really big deal down here! haha. I love you all and that was a great skype session yesterday! It made me think about how the family, in today's world, is quickly sliding away from old traditional values, and I feel so blessed to have one that is solid and committed to the values that really matter! love, Elder Holmes

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