Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Que Honda!

What's up fam!! Ok so i was pretty chapped when i got on today and i only had 4 pictures from the whole week! Last week when i read the email i was blown away by all of the fun stuff that you guys were going to do, and then today i was pumped to see all of the pics from the party, andrews birthday, more of the graduation, and maybe a picture of the new president of Bradford! But what do i get? 4 little pictures! New rule is that i am not sending home any of my pics if i dont even get any pictures from you guys! haha. I only have 45 minutes for goodness sake and i still manage. Sale? Ok well now that has been established, i guess i can tell you guys a little bit about the week this last week. Let me tell you that it was a little bit difficult. The sun is owning me and i just feel completely wiped out, but i am praying a ton to just be able to have the fuerzas to continue working hard. Not many people let us in this last week, and since it was so hot outside, there aren't really too many people in the streets to contact and what not. The area i am in has a bunch of people that are walking on the streets and we usually always complete our goal of 140 contacts every week, except for the weeks like this last one when it is just super hot! Well something that was really good, is Rosio (Geraldo's wife) came to church yesterday with us! She seems to like everything and is sincere. I hope she can progress towards baptism. One thing i have learned here on the mission is how so many people dont even realize why they believe in the things that they believe in. They just follow the things of the world and what everyone else is doing and think they're good. Sometimes it is tough to invite them to church because so many of the people have the same excuse of "i dont need to go to church, because i know god is with me and that all i need to do is pray". This is kind of the example of Elia and her daughters. She just doesn't really see the importance of the church in her everyday life. I have to remind myself of what it says in the D&C, that "the chosen listen to my voice and harden not their hearts". Well this week we did have a cool experience with an antiguo named Alfredo and his wife Elizabeth. The missionaries had worked with them for a very long time and even baptized their little daughters, but the parents couldn't get baptized because they weren't married. The wife never wanted to get married, but never told the missionaries the reasons why. Well the other day we were walking and i had the spiritual impression that we should go by their house. When we arrived, they let us in immediately and then Hermano Alfredo told me that he just has a ton of problems and that he was about to take his life! We calmed him down and then his wife came home. They started to talk to us about EVERYTHING! It was extremely dificult and all i could do was just listen to the Spirit and respond in the way of the Lord. Right now everything seems to be ok, so i will let you know how we progress with them. It was just another cool spiritual impression that i had at the perfect moment. Well i know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth. nuff said! haha. Love you all, Elder holmes

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