Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WOW! What a Surprise!

Ok well wow good job on the surprise mom! I couldn't believe it when all of a sudden i saw all of the kids of jazmin and antonio coming up the stairs of my church! I did like a double take, and then i almost started to cry i was so happy! it took me such by surprise that my whole body was just shaking! I was wondering why you needed all of the information of my ward and everything! You are a sneaky one! haha. But thanks. That was a really cool experience and they are actually going to come to church with us next week, and then they are going to start attending the church in their area, as they really don't have too much time here in the state. They still haven't gotten everything transfered over! But yeah that was a great blessing on sunday! I am soooo pumped to see you guys on skype this week. You guys might not even be able to recognize me with the spare tire i am carrying around! haha. Yeah we will be in the house of our mission leader to skype on sunday after church. We have our services from 12 to 3 and then we should be having a couple of baptisms on saturday, so to tell you the truth, i really dont know what time it is going to be. Just have your skype open on on sunday and i will give you guys a little ring a ding. Yeah i am wicked pumped for saturday, because like i said, we should be having a couple of baptisms. Elia and her kids are on track to get baptized, as well as carmen. Carmen was supposed to get baptized this week, but they went to cancun as a family this last weekend, so she will be getting baptized this next sunday, as long as everything goes well. We're pumped that hermana elia and her two daughters will be getting baptized, as well. They have really progressed along just great and everything looks really awesome with them. Ok so we had a boss miracle this last week. On sunday night last week we were in reinas house and her son geraldo came down the stairs and told us that he opened the book of mormon to start reading it and he just felt something amazing. He then said he wanted to meet with us on tuesday. SO we went back on tuesday and he had had a complete change of heart and wants to be baptized, as well. It was so awesome and everytime we are with him, the spirit is just so strong! Hermana reina is so incredibly boss. i feel so blessed that i wont have to say good bye to her for a couple of more months! So geraldo came to play soccer with us and all of the jovenes on wednesday night and then came to church with us yesterday! He is just loving it and he should be getting baptized not this sunday but the next! He is super pumped up, and wants us to talk to his wife as well, because he told us that he wants to get sealed in the temple! I´m down for that, of course! Ok so i am now a father of two! haha. Just a little mission verbage for the fact that I have had 2 greenies! My "new son" just arrived this week and his name is elder hirst! He is an awesome kid who is from north ogden, and he is a great worker. He speaks very little spanish. We are getting used to teaching together, but we should do some great work in this area together. He likes to play ball as well. We actually play bball on saturday mornings at 630 am with some of the guys from the ward, so that is always fun! i will let you know how things progress with us. Well i love you all so much and i want you to know how grateful I am for the oportunity i have to be here in the mission. It continues to bless and change my life each day. OH and fam, reina and her son want to say hi to you guys on sunday so get excited for that as well! They really want to meet you all. I can't wait for some of dad's boss spanish jokes! haha. Yeah baby! Oh btw, we went to a place called fun central today to bowl and ice skate, so i am pretty pumped up right now! i will send you all of the pics, and a pic of my new born elder hirst! haha. Gotta love it. Love you all, Elder holmes! Cant wait to see you guys on Sunday!!!!! (that is on skype, of course!

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