Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pretty Pumped up and Ready to Go!

Hola familia!

Well so to start things off, we have still not gone up to the consulate to get our visa's and we were supposed to go up today but they rescheduled it for tomorrow, which sounds like it will definitely happen then. We got our flight plans last week and it has us scheduled leaving the mtc at 6 in the morning on monday, with a 9 or 10 o'clock flight out of utah, with a direct flight to mexico city. I don't know if that will still be the case since we are getting our visas so late, but if that is, then I will be calling you monday morning anywhere from 7-9, i guess. If not then, it will kind of be a surprise call sometime next week, because i have no idea when they are going to reschedule my flight! Maybe i will have to stay longer. Who knows! But hopefully, i am rolling on monday, because i am pretty pumped up and ready to get out of here, for sure.

Well i have put on 10 freaking pounds since i have been here! 10 pounds! I was outside playing soccer for the past two weeks and then this week, i went into the gym to weight myself and i have packed on 10 pounds. I mean, how am i gaining weight. All i do is sit in the same place for 10 hours everyday! For breakfast i have a bunch of sugar coated cereal. For lunch it's usually just a hamburger with some ice cream and cookies and chocolate milk, and for dinner it's more meat or pizza with a bit more ice cream and cookies! I don't get it! haha. I actually broke one of the waist bands in my pants the other day so that was flippen awesome! I had to take those in to get fixed! Elder Pinho, the guy from Brazil in my district, calls the fat that hangs over your pants, your fanny pack, so we tease about that all the time! Don't worry though, i will just find a worm or something to eat down in Mexico that will eat all the food for me in my stomach! I will surely lose some weight that way! haha.

Well this week has been a pretty fun week! The guys in my district are the best and we all have an awesome time together! I have continued my dominance on the soccer field with a hat trick the other day out there on the field! And the dominance in my lessons has started to come a bit this week. After that terrible lesson i told you about last week, i worked really, really hard and studied hard for my next lesson. The next day we taught that same teach again and he told us that is was one of the best lessons that he had had since has been in the MTC! That was a nice little pick me up! I feel like it is coming along, but i still just throw around unconjugated words like it is nobodies business. We have had some awesome firesides from some people in the 70, and have had some great testimony builders for me! Most of the talks have been on faith! That really is the first principle of the gospel, and with faith, we can do anything!

Well sounds like everyone is doing just swell! Hopefully the next time i write, i will in in MEXICO baby!!

Love you all,
Elder Holmes

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