Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Awesome, as Always!"

Hey fam!

Well it sounds like everything is going just great for all of you guys and i am jealous that you have gotten to take the boat out a couple more times! And with Jimmer! that is pretty legit! That stinks so bad that the camera fell into the water! I bet it is getting pretty tempting to just whip mine out from storage isn't it! haha.

Well mom thanks for the package you sent. The family reunion shirt is so sweet! I have already worn it like 3 times!

Well this week has been awesome, as always! I have seen Brother and Sister Lawson a couple times already and probably will see them a couple more, because they don't leave till monday! That was fun to see them. i have also seen Lauren Cochran's grandparents in here a couple times which is way fun, but it brought some big flash backs of the old BYU days and going there for dinner and games! They are way nice and they are going to the same mission as Elder Neuberger! I saw him today for the first time, because he just got in here yesterday! He seems to be doing awesome and is on the same floor as my buddy Elder Maguett! Good guys! Also one of the classrooms next to me is Elder Prete who was on my hall at Byu so i see him a bunch.

Well as i was out tearing it up on the soccer field this week, of course with all of the recruiting agencies there watching from the sidelines! (haha) the other Elder Holmes broke this kids clavicle! For some dumb reason we can't use our heads when we play, so it is way more dangerous! The kid was the goalie and elder holmes went up to hit it with his chest and just leveled the kid! It looked wicked painful! The only good news about this whole thing was that while he was rolling on the ground, i did get the goal!! haha. It reminded me of the movie Kicking and Screaming where Will Ferrell gets all of the kids together and on three they all say "break some clavicles!"!!

Well the studying gets extremely long some days and by the time night comes i am just so dead and exhausted! The days go by a little slow but the weeks seem to go by really fast! They just started a new curriculum on wednesday for all of the elders, which seems to be pretty rigorous. Instead of just teaching 2 to 3 times a week, we are going to be teaching every single day! That should definitely help out my spanish progress for sure.

As to answer some questions, Elder Neeley went to fresno california and elder kofford went to salt lake city, so i won't be seeing either of them, well at least for 2 years! I have been receiving lots of nice letters! I enjoyed reading a nice letter from Janice this week and also from the Stutz family! Thanks for keeping me updated on elder stutz and elder cassity, mom. it sounds like they are both doing such amazing things!

Well, Things are way awesome here and my testimony is strengthened Everyday! I love reading about Joseph Smith! He did see God the Father And Jesus Christ! I love you all and i hope this next week is a good one for you all!

Love Elder Holmes

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