Friday, August 12, 2011

Putting My Ear Plugs In!

Hey Guys!

Well I would like to start off with a big Happy Birthday to Little Lee Holmes! Man the big 16 is huge! Watch out girls he is now on the market for the hot dates! Make sure your first date is mom though! Let me know how the day goes for you! It sounds like you had quite the party last night with rob!

Well To start by answering some questions! About the consolate, no i haven't been up to it yet! I am starting to get a little nervous because the two elders in our district that are going to tanners mission went up like 2 weeks ago but we haven't yet. I talked to this one kid who said that they didn't go till like their last week because one of the guys in their district turned in there papers late so they were waiting till the last possible moment to bring them up waiting for that guys visa to come in! I sure hope we did everthing ok though and its not mine they are having a problem with! haha. And also no, that kid with the broken collarbone didn't have to go home. he is just in this crazy contraption for like 6 weeks!

Well i had a little bit tougher week this week! I taught one of the WORST lessons the other day! And the thing is is that i thought i had prepared for it and was ready but when i got in there i just couldn't remember anything in spanish and i was just a total newb! It was so frustrating and really got me pretty upset because i study hard. Well after that i went to the store and bought some ear plugs and put them in and haven't really talked too much to anyone since! Just trying to pound it in my brain i guess! I don't really have the best brain for this stuff! My companion has the kind of memory where he looks up a word once in the dictionary and he has it memorized forever, where i will look up the same word about 6 times and still not know what it means when i see it! But i guess all i can do is ask the lord for help and work even harder!

We got to host the new missionaries yesterday which was really fun! I didn't have any new friends come in but i met a couple of really nice new elders as i was welcoming them in! It feels like yesterday that that was me coming into the mtc! Man time has really flown here and before you know it, i will be in Mexico having even less of an idea of what the people are saying, but it will be awesome!

Well There were so many emails that i had to read today so i didn't get too much time to write but i hope that all is well at home! I will write you a letter dad and let you know what i think about your talk if that is ok! Well what the heck are the brothers doing! I only have like a week left in here to recieve mail and then i get to mexico where it could take 3 months to get! haha. I only have one p day left!! crazy stuff!! well I had some great spiritual experiences this week reading the scriptures, and we had a great talk by cecil o samuelson, the pres of byu, about being a good example even when we aren't being watched! The Lord is always watching and knows each one of us personally! Keep having fun without me!! haha.

Elder holmes

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