Monday, August 22, 2011


Many of you have asked when Scott leaves for Mexico.......Just to let you know, he flew to Mexico this morning at 9:50. He was able to call his family from the airport and it was great to talk with him. He sounded so good. He was his happy self and very ready to start his new life as a missionary in the Mexico City North mission. Scott wanted me to let you all know how much he has appreciated the letters and goodies that you have sent his way! He is so grateful for the love and friendship that you have all shared with him. It will take a bit longer for letters to reach him now, but please know that he will appreciate your letters now more than ever. I have updated his blog with his current address. He sure loves you all. From Scott, and from all of us......thanks for your love and support, and for everything you do to help and encourage him to be his best.

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