Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best Day of My LIfe!

Hey Family!

First off "Way to go Jimmer! it is about time! haha. Congratulations! i am so happy for the both of you!"

So dad it is no wonder that andrew never answered all of your questions! you ask like 700 of them in one paragraph, but i will try and do my best! Well this week we had some different trials and challenges put into our path. last tuesday as we were coming out of a members house, this like 17 year old kid starts yelling at us and saying all these different cuss words, which i obviously didnt understand at all. he then comes up and just kicks my companion and wants to fight him! i was just standing there like 'what in the heck is going on with the guy!' it was a good thing the kids girlfriend was there to hold him back. we just continued walking and all of a sudden his 4 friends came out and started yelling at us, but we were already too far away! that same day the electric company cut all the power to our house because the missionaries hadn't paid the bill for 7 or 8 months or something like that! we are still without power and i don't know when they are going to come and turn it back on. Also, a lot of our appointments fell through and it was just pretty tough. but i gotta say, we were significantly rewarded yesterday!

It was one of the best days of my life! Xochitl did get baptized and i was even able to do the baptizing! it was such a cool experience, as that was my first one, not only in spanish, but my first one ever! Way cool experience and she seemed really excited! i will send the picture today of it. also yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, so of course i bore my testimony, and that was scary but a good experience. all of the people in the ward are extremely nice and i am pretty sure i am still putting on weight because i literally eat at EVERY single house we walk into. during the thrid hour of church we had two investigators there and we pulled them into another room and talked to them about how they were liking it, and had a lesson with one of the members. At the end of the lesson, we committed both of them to baptism in two weeks. then later in the day, it was pouring rain and we felt prompted to go all the way to this one ladies house who lives way far away. she was awesome! you should have seen her face when we talked to her about the book of mormon. she was so interested and just thought it was amazing! we then commited her to be baptized the first week in october! I really hope we can continue to work with these three and that they will excercise their faith and take that final step! So to sum it up, i bore my testimony, brought someone into the kingdom of god, and committed three more people to do the same. Can you get a day better than that? well i guess i will find out. haha.

So my spanish is still pretty rough. It's hard to talk but i can understand more of what people are saying! if you have any ideas of how i can learn faster, shoot them on over to me! I just put my faith in the lord and work my hardest. i still am trying to find enough words to ask either my companion or someone else around here how in the heck to mail a letter to the us, and where to do that, so if you guys know, then please let me know. haha. sorry for those family and friends who have been writing! I will try my hardest! i haven't received any mail here yet so that is also why i haven't really written anyone! haha.

So we have started running in the morning! it's going pretty good but my stomach isn't sure about it!! imagine eating really hot food and beans every single meal and then shaken it around on a run or in the buses here! yeah not that fun at all. They are the worst drivers here! haha. Well anyways i am doing pretty great and i hope the same is for all of you guys! love you all and thanks for the support! keep me and my spanish in your prayers!

Elder Holmes

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