Monday, September 26, 2011

A Rollercoaster of a Week!

Well so this week was kind of a rollercoaster. Last sunday as i said was kind of a bummer because we had no one in the church and my district leader said do everything you can and you will be blessed this next week. Well On tuesday morning in our district meeting, they told me that i had to go down to the city to sign my visas and what not. So i went down on a bus all by myself and arrived at about 11 o clock at night and met up with some of the other guys in my generation. I talked with elder watson for a couple hours and we just shared stories and everything and it made me realize how much i already love my mission and all of the stories i already have! well the next day we went to sign our papers and they had problems with ours, so we have to go back down in a week or so, but i dont mind because we got burgerking!! haha. It tasted so freaking good. It was like that first meal we always have after our high adventure! it always tastes like five times better! haha

When I got back, i had another interesting experience. So i had given 60 dollars to this guy to exchange for me at a bank, because i heard that was the easiest way to do it. so the other day i went to collect my money. this guy speaks english so that is why i gave it to him in the first place. when i got there the guy said "well i have to tell you something about your money." Me: "ok what happened to it." him: "well i spent it because my family hasnt had food in a week and they are all really hungry. I am so sorry but i am going up to the states this week and i will send you the money back to my sister for you" blah blah blah. I thought that this might just be the guy making an excuse and he really just used it for something else, so i told my companion, "will you ask his sister (who is the member) if she was really able to buy food with my money?" And my companion said "well she asked me the other day where this money came from and i told her that you had given it to him so he could travel to the us!!!!" i was so mad! i told him i gave it to him to exchange. "why do you think i would just give it to him!!!" haha. he didnt even ask me! he just thought i was real nice. SO now i have about 50 pesos for this week. haha. But the good thing is that i helped feed a starving mexican family, and like christ, sometimes we have to forgive our debtors! This can be my birthday present, I guess. i don't think i will ever see the money again. haha.

Ok so like my district leader said, i worked so hard this week and on thursday, friday and saturday we found 13 new investigators, committed two to baptism and to come to church. We were feeling pretty good because we knocked tons of doors and talked to everyone. i really felt good about the work that we did. come sunday, though, everyone bailed on us again!!!! Gosh it is so hard sometimes. Margarita had to go visit her brother again but we met with her last night. She is soooooo legit. All her family is giving her tons of junk about us and our religion but she always stands up for us and told us last night how amazing she always feels when we are in her home and when she comes to church. We just need her to come to church again. her brother is super sick, but this sunday she said she is definitely coming to conference with us.

So i am doing well. I am fatter then i have ever been but i feel the spirit and feel amazing. I am not joking! the other day i ate 5 times. They feed me so freaking much here it isnt even funny! I need to lay off, but i cant when they just dish up these huge servings for me and i just pound the whole thing! oh and i almost forgot to tell you. i decided this week that i was going to serve my companion and not look at faults, but at what he is good at. I made him pancakes two mornings, have done all the dishes this week while he is in the shower and i try to make his bed in the mornings for him. It really has changed my attitude about him and the work!

Well i had great spiritual experiences this week and i know the success willl come. I read our search for happiness this week and i literally couldn't put it down. I finished it all in like 5 days. well i sure love you all!

elder holmes

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