Monday, September 19, 2011

Feliz Dia de Independencia!

¡Hola! Well to start off happy birthday Amberlee!!!! I hope that it is just a great day for you and the fam! Also if i am correct i forgot to mention Emily Chilton last week in my letter. i am so sorry but i hope the birthday for you was awesome as well! Also way to go Chris poppin the question on London Bridges!!!! haha. I am way happy for you guys. you two are an awesome couple and will be way happy!

Well Dad this week in your email to me you told me how you wanted me to take one time a month or so to write more and tell you more than i do, but the problem is that i have 45 minutes to write not only you guys but also my mission president! so just like the mtc, i kind of have to cram and type really fast and then that is all i can do for the whole week. And i dont receive mail so yeah it is kind of hard to keep you guys updated on everything that is going on. Other mission specific rules are that we can't wear watches (i can't get my wicked sweet watch tan line that i wanted, so i am a little ticked about that!) and we cant drink coke because some of the members take offense when the missionaries drink coke. haha. and no i still havent found out how to mail letters. but i havent received any either so i dont really have anything to respond to haha.

Well It sounds like the week went pretty well for you guys. i was riding in a taxi this week dad, and supertramp came on the radio. I thought that you and i were the only people in the world that liked supertramp! I had some hard core flash backs of being with you at Lake Powell and just all the fun times we had together. Man you are the best dad ever and i love you so much. You really are the best. And obviously you are too, momma dawg.

Well this week we had the Dia de Independencia down here in Mexico. It was a pretty crazy day and the president had us get home early and then we had to leave late the next day because everyone just parties real hard. There is a cop in our ward and he was explaining to us how none of the cops carry a gun on this day because there is no law on this day! they can literally do whatever they want! haha. So that night we went over to the Castillos house and had a little party with a bunch of other people from the ward. I'm attaching a few pictures of that little get together. It was really fun and they had a lot of good mexican food. One of the sisters made chimichangas and they were so bomb. She said she will make them again for me when we go to her house this week for lunch! haha. So since it was their independence day i had a bunch of people yelling stuff at me, groserias or cuss words and crap, but i really have no clue what they are saying so i always just smile and wave. my comp is like yeah they are swearing at you. haha. I guess sometimes not knowing the language is a good thing! Also i feel like a celebrity down here because wherever i go people just stare at me. LIke when i get on the bus, literally everyone just looks at me. Its like have you never seen a white guy before? I always want to use dads line, "take a picture it lasts longer!" haha.

Oh we finally got our light back this week. We had one of the guys we know come over and break the thing with a hammer and get us our light back. I think we went 16 days without light, so i officially have more days here in mexico without light than with! We paid and everything, they just never came!

Well this week was a bit rough. I was a little bit down yesterday when none of the people we had been working with came to church. That lady that elder mcleary and i contacted is named margarita and she is golden. She is so nice to us and really wants to get baptized. This week, though, her brother was really sick and she had to go to a different city to help him. We went to her house last night though and all was good. Hopefully she will be baptized next Sunday. Right now we are kind of getting our butts kicked. Its no lie that missionary work is really tough. I think we are the only people that work every single day of the year! Even christmas. haha. But it is so satisfying and it makes me so happy when i see people who actually want to change their lives and come closer to their Heavenly Father. This week i am just going to work my butt off because the goal for the mission is 5 baptisms in october and we only have one lined up, maybe 2, so we need to get out there. I know that when we put in our best effort, the lord always blesses us.

Well other than that, nothing much is too new. The spanish is coming along slowly, but it is still really hard to sit there and not be able to really respond to the doubts of our investigators. I am trying my hardest to be a help to my comp, but at times, i dont even understand the people still. I just want to be able to talk and be a sick missionary so bad!!! haha. Well i love you all.

Love you guys,
Elder holmes

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