Monday, September 12, 2011

You're Lucky I'm Alive!

Hey Everyone. This is a pic of me eating the "Nacho Libre Corn"! Pretty sick, huh? It actually wasn't that good though! haha.

Anyway, i just wanted to start off by saying happy belated birthday to Eric whose birthday was yesterday! I hope that you had a fantastic day, bud. Also BIg joey's birthday tomorrow! And i am thinking of Uncle Bobby as it would be his birthday today, as well. I sure love you guys.

Also Congratulations mom and dad on the 27 years of marriage. You guys are such an amazing example to me and to all of those around you. There was a quote that i liked from President Monson last conference that says "Choose your love. Love your choice." I love both of your choices! you guys are literally perfect! i hope you did something fun to celebrate those 27 awesome years of marriage!

Well I am not going to lie. after i wrote to you on monday and for the next four days, i had some of the hardest days of my life, i think. Tuesday morning i woke up to a lot of throwup in the toilet and i just felt miserable. I went for 2 days just feeling so weak, with a screaming headache that felt like i was going to literally explode. Wednesday night i went to bed with a temperature of 104 degrees and was literally on fire. I went to the doctor the next day and i started to feel a lot better, but didn´t even really use the medicine they gave me. You know how they are down here, when you even cough, they think you are about going to die. haha. Every single house i went to they were like "you look terrible. take this and that and go to the hospital" and all this. haha. The good news is that i feel a lot better right now!

You are just very lucky that i am even alive right now to be writing you this email, after the experience i had yesterday with lighting the boiler. It was my first time and my companion didn´t really explain it that well, or maybe he did but it was just in spanish! so i go to light the boiler and it wont light and the match burns my finger so i drop that match, and am going to get the second one to light with my face right next to the opening, when a huge ball of fire just shoots out of the opening and literally fried all of my hair! I have the eyelashes on one of my eyes and the left side of my head has shorter hair than the right. haha. It was so scary. I literally could have died! haha

Well as for the rest of my week. I had an awesome day on monday when i went on splits with my district leader, elder Mcleary. He and i ran into a lady knocking doors and committed her to baptism right there and she came to church on sunday. That was the best lesson i have given, because he would actually pause and let me talk and actually went with the lesson plan. It was a cool experience for me. I don´t know why it was just much easier to actually teach with him. Everyone says that my spanish is like way good for the amount of time and stuff that i have here, but i think its terrible still! haha. There are times when i will understand everything, and then other times that i won´t even get one word out of it! haha.

The rest of the week was super hard because i was so sick and we only had one of our investigators in church on sunday, so that was a little rough. Man this is hard! But it is worth it. I can feel myself coming closer to my Heavenly Father, that's for sure. I like this quote from Elder Uchtdorf when he said, " dont let a day go by without doing something to act on the promptings of the spirit". This is not just for me but for everyone reading this. I hope that all is going just great and you arent missing me too much! yeah right! haha. I love you all!!

Elder Holmes

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