Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Slow Posting -- This is from February 27th!

Well wow that is extremely exciting to hear about the pregnancies of amberlee and elise at the same time. Congratulations you two! And i was pretty dang ticked to hear about abbie and her broken ribs! You have got to be kidding me. Yeah the lie detector is necessary, mom! That is my dog they are messing with. And yeah i hope the titan car is doing ok! haha. I am just kidding mom. I am so glad that nothing bad happened to you or the lady that you crashed with. And last of all, of course I am ticked about you selling the condo, dad. haha. But i know that you only do what is the best so i guess it is ok. I hope that you get a new one by the time that i get back, though!!

Ok well as for me here, we only had two of our three baptisms this week. The dad (Miguel) got hit with every sort of problem in this last week and come sunday, he was working because he has absolutely no money to even buy food for his family. That was kind of a hard experience, but we will see how he can progress this week. Elder Cruz did the honor of baptizing Marisol and her daughter Angeles, which i will send the picture of their baptism. It was a really nice service and the two of them were both really happy and content. The week was a little bit tough though, as well. As you can imagine, a threesome is a little bit more difficult in every aspect. We are still trying to find how the best way is to teach with three of us. President told Elder Cruz on Friday that there are a bunch of new missionaries coming in tomorrow, so we will see if he gets a new companion then. We still don't know what/when they are going to do with all of us and how they will separate the area. Oh yeah and all the missionaries received cell phones the other day, which is pretty exciting, and makes things a lot easier for us here.

As for the area, we have some really great investigators, but we are having a really hard time bringing them to church. We have two named Alberto and Faustino. They have kept every one of their compromisos and do everything we ask, but they can't come to church because their mom is bedridden and they can't leave her. They have read a ton of the Book of Mormon and they tell us that they know it is true, but I think we will not continue with them because they can't fully progress without coming to church. We also have a family named Elizabeth and Alfredo. They have three girls who were baptized, but they still can't be baptized because they are not married. The wife is still waiting for him to change, and right now he is in a "testing" period from his wife to see if he has actually changed. They are attending church every week and this guy is completely changed, but still a no on them, so we will try to work with them a little more to see what we can do. They are so awesome though. I actually made crepes for all of them for a family home evening the other day and they all loved them. Actually I have made the crepes like 5 times since you sent me the recipe! And just the other day i made toad in the holes for my comps, which they really liked as well. Well as for me, everything is going well and obviously I am still happy! Just have a couple of things to sort out! love you all

Elder holmes

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