Friday, July 22, 2011

Everything's Great!

Hey Family,

Well to start it off i would just like to say that I am SO glad that Jane is doing ok! You are in my prayers auntie Jane and i Love you so much! Also i would like to give a shout out to Mike winters for his First save as a firefighter! That is so freaking legit and i am way proud of you! I am missing the rest of the family as you guys are all up in telluride having the time of your life! That trip sounds like so much fun and i only wish i was there to whoop up on you guys in Mafia! Haha. Man I have so many fond memories of our last family reunion up in Minnesota! Those were some of the best times and i love our Family!

I am glad to hear that dad is still able to gimp around and do everything! And i am so glad that you and Andy finally got to do some bonding with your weird passion for fly fishing. Haha. I am glad there is someone now in the family with that same interest!

Well everything here is going just great and i am still coming along every day with my spanish skills. I am starting to teach a lot of lessons in spanish and i feel like it is actually coming really good. However my conversational spanish isn't that great and the subjunctive just has so many FREAKing rules to it! haha.

SO I was wicked pumped to hear that Jimmer won the ESPY. Tell him that is just way awesome and congrats! I am glad he beat out cam newton! haha. I am meeting some awesome people over here in my district and outside of it! Elder Pinho in my district is an awesome guy from Brazil! He and i this last week put together a legit volleyball team that was just poning every other team on the court! My zone leaders Elder Neeley and Elder Kofford are so Sweet! We have become way good friends and we joke around all the time. Another guy in their district Elder Heaps is an awesome elder! Gosh i love those guys so much but the sad thing is is that they leave this next monday so i am going to have to make some new friends i guess! which i am really bad at that! haha.

I am going to be released as district leader on sunday which is kind of sad because i have enjoyed getting to know all of the guys in our district personally and leading the discussions after firesides and for district meetings! It will be nice to have another district leader that i can just help out instead of nagging all of them to brush their teeth on time and stuff like that! haha. They are terrible at that! haha.

Well i am just doing great and to everyone that wrote i will try to write back! I loved the letter from Elise and it made my day! I will be writing your own individualized letter today! And Andy would be happy to know that i have quite the tie collection and people want my ties! haha.

I love you all so much and i continue to get faster at emailing so i think my letters are getting longer but maybe not! Haha. I think that is all for now! have fun up in telluride!

Elder Holmes

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