Friday, July 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye to "My Twin"

Hey Everyone!

Well it sure sounds like the family reunion was just a blast and the pictures that you all sent me were so awesome! I can't believe all the stuff you guys crammed into that one week! I loved the story about uncle lee in the tighties! haha. Man i wish i could have seen that! Shout out to Auntie Jane again! This time for your birthday! Hope you have an awesome day. I love you!

Well so this week i said goodbye to Elder Neeley and Elder Kofford my old zone leaders. If there is one person that i have ever met that is my twin it would be elder Neeley! We don't look alike but i swear that we are the exact same person. It has been way fun getting to know him and it was sad to see them go. Elder Kofford was an awesome piano player! one of the best i have ever seen. He can play by ear, so any song he has heard, he could play for you! we would go over to the main building after planning and just yell out songs for him to play and listen to him for a while. He can play any church hymn without the book and make them even better! And then on top of that, he could play any songs like the one from inception, styx (that's funny what you said about their concert, but that sounds like it was way fun, mom and dad!), pirates, and a bunch of other way sweet songs! Man it was fun to here music, because here in the mtc we can't listen to any music or anything!

Well now that they are gone i have made some other fun friends that are way nice! Our new zone leaders are really great! Oh btw dad, Elder Johnson was made the new district leader of our district and he is a great guy! Mom, no we don't have any sisters in our zone, which is kind of a good thing because the food here gives you a little gas, if you know what i mean! haha. But you have got to love it!

Well you guys are always wondering how the spanish is going and i guess it is going ok! I need to crack down really hard these last couple weeks here because i still don't feel too comfortable! I am sure that it will be ok though. I have faith that the lord will help me out every step of the way. Our teachers are really great, but just yesterday we had a substitute and the guy was amazing! He taught us all these things that really helped him on his mission, and then he talked about mexico for a while, because he served there as well. It got me so pumped up! I mean, i like this place but i can't wait to get out and go to the field!

The firesides and everything that we have are just awesome here and they really get you excited to serve. They are usually given by people that have been in the quorum of the 70 but are no longer serving. And at the firesides we have sung "Called to serve" a couple times, and i don't think there is anything more powerful than that! 2500 missionaries singing that song will get you feeling the spirit. That is for sure!!

So every week we teach lessons to our teachers as progressive investigators, so we give them a different lesson every time in spanish, and then we also teach in the TRC, which is where volunteers will come in and we teach them as if they are investigators. It is really tough sometimes because my spanish isn't great, but it's fun. Sometimes they will ask me a question and i won't really know what they said and am just like "si, si!" haha. Then it's a little awkward and i figure out that they actually asked me a question! haha. so yeah, i have to come along a lot these next couple weeks so i don't just look like a total newb out there!

I am so glad that i ended up with Elder Holmes and Sonntag in my room! We are always just laughing and have a good time talking with each other. I might go a little bit crazy if i couldn't laugh like i have been! It makes me not miss home, or even have time to think about how hard it can get here sometimes! They are great guys and my companion is awesome, as well! His spanish is actually very good so i have him make me quizzes a lot and i feel like he has helped my spanish out a lot. All the rest of the guys in my district are pretty boss as well! I am having a great time with all of them!

Well this church is true! I know that without a single doubt in my mind. Jesus Christ loves us just as much as he loved the people in the bible, and therefore, has given us a prophet in our day, to lead Christ's church on the earth today! Through the Book of Mormon we can receive the answers to ALL of our questions! Christ lives!

I love You all

Elder holmes

P.S I love getting letters and that is something that i won't have the luxury of much longer!

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