Sunday, July 3, 2011

First E-Mail from the MTC

Hey everyone,

Well this is my first p day i have had and the first time i have been able to write to everyone! This first week has already gone by so fast and i am already having a ton of fun. Where to begin! Last week when i got here they had the new mission president training going on so a ton of the general authorities were here during the week. We had the privilege to listen to Elder Bednar on Friday and he talked on how to be a good missionary. I also got to shake Elder Oaks hand so that was pretty legit! Also they had some other great speakers talk to us that were from the quorum of the seventy and what not.

Well Spanish is going ok i guess! it is pretty tough and is kind of kicking my butt right now but it's only the first week so i guess that is fine. I can pray and bear my testimony and stuff in spanish but that is about it. I have some pretty nice teachers so i should be totes ok. Since i have been here i have seen everyone that i know in here i think. I have the same gym time with Elder Stutz (Tanner), Elder Salisbury, and Elder Messner (who is the guy from my byu ward that's also going to Mexico City with me.) And i get to see Elder Smith quite often and its always fun talking with him. Man you would think i would have a lot to say but it has only been a week and i am bad at writing my thoughts down (sorry mom i will hopefully get better).

Today on our p day we got to go to the temple which was a way nice break from everything. We are kept extremely busy here with classes and studying all day everyday. My District is way awesome! I was made district leader last week. We have some awesome guys in with really strong testimonies! Some of them are much better at Spanish than i am but it is good for me to be able to hear them talking all the time. My companion is Elder Watson (i know pretty awesome that Holmes and Watson are together! I am almost positive that the MTC workers lined that one up on purpose! We have people ask us all the time if we are companions! Any one that doesn't understand this combo of Holmes and Watson probably should get out from under your rock. haha). He is a great guy though from Boise and he is going to the same mission as me along with five of the other guys in our district. In my room are Elder Sontag, another Elder Holmes, my companion Elder Watson, and me. The other two are way nice guys and share my same loves for playing basketball and sports, which we get an hour for everyday.

The food here isn't half bad either! although i bet you money i am already putting on weight! I can already tell. But its whatevs. I had a little flash of homesickness this week just for a second when i bit into this nasty sandwhich, and the only thought i had was "my family is down at Lake powell right now having a delicious barbeque!" haha. But that was shortly overcome because i know why i am here and i wouldn't even change the few experiences i have had here for anything, let alone the experiences i will have on the rest of my mission. My testimony is growing everyday and i know that this church is the most true thing on the earth. I know that by praying and reading the scriptures, we can become closer to God and fulfill the things that he would have us do.

Thanks to all of those who sent me letters this last week! they meant a lot to me as i have little to no contact with the outside world so thanks for the updates on the draft and the bachelorette and what not! haha. Well that's it for this week but i can't wait to hear from you guys again! love you all so much! Christ Lives.

Elder Holmes

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