Friday, July 15, 2011

Messi & Dollhauser at the MTC

Hey, Family and friends!

Hey thanks so much for all the Emails and letters i have received this week! I would like to start by saying Happy Birthday to The big Grandad!! Big 82 that is way legit! I love you so much Grandad! Well the pictures you guys sent me made me a little bit jealous, i am not going to lie! That cliff that you guys jumped looked so sweet! It came out perfectly over the water and it looks like the spot you parked the house boat was way cool! And also, thanks for the pictures of lee's eagle project! Lee i am so proud of you, and it looks like you had such an awesome turn out. You did such a fantastic job with that and i hope you feel really proud of what you just did! You're the man. I am not going to lie, my soccer game is coming along pretty well here in the MTC. I have looked a little like Messi out on the field. scoring all the time and what not! i mean its an "nbd just a huge bd" -Tony Smith haha.

Dad i am so glad that you listened to mom on this one! man that is scary but i am glad Heavenly Father is watching out for you! And i am way glad that you are starting to see some good progression with your recovery. I am praying for you. We need you to stay healthy pops! Mom the answer to your question, i would like some of those like propel/gatorade/kool aid packets if you wouldn't mind! It was tough to see ELder stutz, Smith, Sonne, and Messner leave this week! It was way fun having those guys in here to see them and play sports with them everyday! I am meeting a ton of new people though, and am having a blast. Two of our missionaries in our district left for the peru MTC this week so we are down to just 10 missionaries. It was sad to see them go but we are still having so much fun as a district! the guys are way tight.

Hey no one ever told me how the draft went with all of my clothes and shoes! Maybe Nick could write me and tell me, since i haven't heard from him yet! And thanks for the little package you sent me from Powell with all of those fun letters, and thanks mom for that nice dearelder package you sent me. My Spanish is coming slowly but surely! I get a little frustrated with myself when i can't remember things that i just learned! Spanish is hard and i am working harder then ever! All we do here is study! but i am loving it and can feel myself slowly getting better. it is just a little slower than i wish it was. i have been trying to roll my r's but it is so stinkin hard! My teachers are way nice and they seem pretty good with their spanish. They invite the spirit and do a good job keeping it there with us in class.

The temple is now closed so we won't be able to go until the last week of the month! That kind of stinks! We heard this amazing talk given by elder holland. he gave it here at the mtc many years ago and it just gets you so pumped for a mission! you guys will have to try to find it! its like an hour long but it is so good! I don't really know what its called though, that's the only thing, but its on missionary work of course!

Well i had a good indicator of how much fun i am having here at the MTC when i played volleyball. I was my old self yelling at everyone and jumping all in the sand for the volleyball! haha. And of course, i won. You could call me the MTC Dollhauser (that is a professional volleyball player btw). haha. Well everything is good for me and I hope all is well back home or wherever everyone is!

Love you all,
Elder Holmes

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