Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 12th: Bye-Bye Elder Cruz

Short e-mail this week from Scott. He sure loves and appreciates all of you! Hope all is well with you and yours! -- Carolann

Well as you can see from my title, this week Elder Cruz left our area, and is now one of the secretaries in the offices of the mission. It was really hard to see him go, as he was one of my favorite comps that I have had here on the mission. We really got along well. So you are probably wondering how everything is going now that it is just me and Elder Rojas. Well everything is going pretty well. We had a pretty good week but a couple of bummers as well. With Elia and her girls, we had an awesome lesson on thursday night where they were so excited to get baptized and everything, and the mom even invited us to come to her birthday party which is today, and everything was just grand! Well then after that lesson, they just bailed on us the whole week! Her mom got sick on saturday and then she never answered any of my calls, so who knows what the problem is there. We will be going tonight to their house to eat dinner so we will see how that all goes. We also brought four new people to church this week, so we will also see how they progress throughout the week. I will let you guys know what is up with them. And finally Aide: we had a church activity on saturday that she came to that she really liked, but then wasn't in her home sunday for church, or anything like that. Andres is doing really awesome. Yesterday he was confirmed and received the holy ghost. That was great. I think next Monday he is taking us to the pyramids of "teoteokaun". Really I have no idea how to spell that place! So that should be pretty sick.

Ok so I also wanted to tell you guys a little story that happened at one of our lunch appointments this week. Oh my gosh. So this one lady signed up to give us food every Thursday for the entire month! I wasn't looking forward to going to this ladies house but we still went. When she opened the door, you got this crazy smells from her dogs and everything was a complete mess! So....we went down the stairs to enter into the house and she told me to go through this one door. I pushed the door open just to see tons and tons of junk all over the place. There were clothes thrown everywhere, rotten food and trash all over the place and just everything you can possibly imagine. I said "in here, hermana". She said "yes, just go take a seat on the bed". In my mind I'm thinking "where in the heck is the bed?" Literally the whole room was completely full with trash, leaving like a 6 inch path that we walked on to get to the middle of the room where we could see the bed! No joke! The room was also really dimly lit, so really it was like a scene from one of those creepy scary movies!! SO you are probably all thinking the same thing that i was, THERE IS NO WAY IN THIS LIFE THAT I AM EATING THIS FOOD! HAHA. But I ate it.... NO just kidding. I bet mom just about lost it right there!! The good news is that she had forgotten she was supposed to feed us, but she did give us some nice rotten apples that we could eat on the road, that had massive bugs coming out of them! haha.

Well so there is your fun story for the week. Maybe we can take a picture on Thursday when we go back! And every other thursday for the whole month! Well other than that, there isn't much too new with me. My comp and i are getting along great and i am really growing a lot spiritually in the position that I am in. It has been crazy hot here, but we are working hard, and we should have some great success in the future! I was hoping to send some pics today but I'm out of time. I sure love you all.

Elder Holmes

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