Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Hi family.

This week was a little bit of a crazy week, like they have all been. We have been shuffling through a lot of our investigators rather quickly. Aide dropped us because she is having a bunch of problems with her husband and right now isn't the time. Elia has come across like a thousand different crazy problems that Satan has seemed to put in her path right before she was about to do something right. And yeah, we pretty much lost everyone that we had been working with. But not to worry, because the Lord blesses us in all different kinds of ways and we found an extremely nice lady this week named Reina. We had a good member lesson with her and then she also came to the church with us on Sunday. If everything works out ok with the word of wisdom and stuff, then she will be getting baptized on conference weekend, which would be pretty dope. We are working hard, but it hasn't been as successful down here in the State of Mexico as it was in Queretaro, which is pretty weird, but we will keep working hard and see what blessings the Lord has for the people here.

Well today I am writing so late because as I had mentioned last week, Andres took us to the pyramids. It was so awesome and pretty fun because it was just packed with tons of people. We met a bunch of members there from different parts of the world and we were like famous there because every Monday the missionaries always go there, so every single person that is selling stuff is looking for the elders, saying "i have good stuff for you. Here, here, the elders always treat me well!" It was really funny as every single vendor would call out "elder" to try and sell us stuff. haha. I decided that since it is a once-in-the-mission experience, I bought some pretty cool souvenirs. I bought a sick mexican man purse (or "murse" for those who are a little more hip!), a sweet knife, and this pretty cool looking flute. Yeah with my mexican satchel, I am looking pretty legit mexican! Haha. All of the people there wanted to take pictures with us, as well. A few times it was a little awkward with the girls who would like try to hug us! haha. But it was a really fun experience and Andres and his wife just spoiled us! They are so awesome. We went with elders named Elder Hyde and Dove. They are from the same generation as my comp Elder Rojas, so it was a really great time. I will be sending some great pics along today.

What a fun week that you had as a family, and the opportunity you had to have Andrew at home, as well. I sure miss all of you, but my mind is pretty dang focused right now. That's awesome that Cade will be working with you and that is fun that you will be going out to California. As for your question as to whether we get to go to the temple here, mom, the answer is "No". I am still like an hour and a half from the temple and it's out of the mission, so we can't go. I would really die to go right now.

Well there really isn't much else. I have been noticing more the hand of God in everyday of the work. It has really been amazing, and I will tell you a story next week if everything works out with this one guy we found! (I bet you are all on the edges of your seats now, but you will just have to wait, just like the cliffhangers in "24"! haha. I love you all,

Elder Holmes

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