Monday, March 5, 2012

Toma Frito!

Hi everyone! I have to say that this week might have been one of the hardest of my mission!! I will go into a little bit more detail as to why, but I would like to say that I am thinking of Poppy this week, as it would have been his birthday this coming saturday, I believe.

Well to start off, Elder Cruz still didn't get his new comp so we continue in a three some, and so that is still a little bit tough, but we are trying to work through things. Also, this week all of a sudden it got extremely hot! Like I'm telling you it is hard to believe that it is March. Sometimes i am jealous when I read Sean's letters to hear how cold it is up there in Finland! Anyway, we worked like crazy this week. We were knocking doors like crazy, contacting everyone, asking references, the whole nine yards. And we were having absolutely no success whatsoever! Literally, I was just thinking about laying down on the side walk to take a little nap! haha. The first day it got hot I didn't put any sunscreen on and I ended up with a blister on my nose from how scorching hot the sun was. No one really realizes what a mission is really like until you are actually living it. I knew it was going to be hard, but sometimes I don't even know how I am still walking. haha. Anyway, after all of this you would think that our numbers would be terrible, but you are wrong. The Lord blessed us so much this week it isn't even funny. Andres got baptized! ! The change he made was absolutely amazing! He was able to overcome all of his scientific theories and put all his faith in the Lord! The lessons with him were so amazing this week and I grew so much spiritually! To see someone completely change like he has is definitely one of the reasons that I am here. His wife was crying just about every lesson and was so grateful for what he has learned and the changes he has made! I think he will be one of my best converts! They love us so much, they will do anything for the missionaries. That is not even it. On saturday night at 6 in the night after a whole week that just was so hard, we found this lady named aide. She accepted everything and then joined us at church on Sunday. We will have to work with her this week because I think she was a little bored in church. You know how some testimony meetings are. haha. Anyway....that's not even it. Then this lady named Elia called us Saturday night and said that she and her two kids would be joinging us for church as well. Well in the church we talked about baptism and then she and her 2 girls accepted a date for two weeks from now. She thanked us so much and said how we had come into her house at the perfect moment and how we have changed her life! So, i hope everything progress well with them this week as well. Anyway, after you have read this you are probably thinking "wow what the heck is this cat complaining about? Everything is going just fine!" But all i have to say is that it was a hard week! I am worn down physically but there isn't anything I can't do with a little help from the Lord. I know he always blesses us after the trial of our faith. It is so true and we just need to excercise a little more faith sometimes.

Well today I am writing really late because we had a zone activity where my comp, Elder Cruz, cooked a ton of meat and we all played a bunch of sports, which was really fun, but my white little legs got owned! haha. Well I sure love you all,

Elder Holmes

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