Monday, April 16, 2012

Living the Spiritual Life!

Hi guys. Well sorry for the kind of weak letter last week. I was just pretty excited about that boss new suit that I had bought and I hope you guys all liked it! haha. Wow I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Sean is already coming home this week! It felt like just yesterday that he left and I can’t believe how fast time is going for me, as well, in my mission. SO to start off, this week was a pretty awesome week and I will tell you why!

Number One, Ros got baptized!!!!! He asked me to baptize him, and I am not going to lie it, was a pretty amazing experience for me. I was really hit by the spirit on how inspired my call is for me to be called to this part of Mexico. Not only to this mission, but also to the area that I am in. I think I have told you before but Ros has probably met with about 10 different sets of missionaries over the time he has known the church. Everyone in the church already knew who he was and they always told me not to get too excited because Ros was an eternal investigator and would never be baptized. This might get some missionaries down, but I just knew it was his time. I had seen many so miracles working within him and I never lost the faith that he would get baptized. I have developed such a really awesome connection with him and he has become one of my best friends!! So, leading up to his baptism he had a couple of doubts and stuff that satan had really been attacking him with, butt he pressed on and when thursday came, he was ready to leave everything behind and do what he knew was right. SO his service was really awesome. Reina bore the sweetest testimony about baptism and shared how she felt the day of her baptism. I am not going to lie. The spirit was really strong in that moment. (oh btws Reina is just doing awesome. She got confirmed on Sunday and read like 200 pages of the Book of Mormon in this last week! She was so chosen by God!) Anyway, we then did the baptism and after he was baptized, we were about to leave the font and he said to me, "Hey Elder Holmes. I just want to wait right here for a minute. I feel something so strong right now even down to my fingertips." This was also a moment that almost made me tear up a little. He gave me a big hug and said how glad he was that he finally followed the spiritual promptings that he had always received. So after that, his friends played him a song on the guitar and sang to him, and then Ros got up and bore his testimony, as well! Let’s just say that it was an amazing experience! He is such an amazing young man and i know the Lord sent me here for people like him!!!

Number two. We had a pretty crazy experience on Saturday when we were out working. We went to visit one of the contacts I had made, but when we got to the house, there was no one home. We waited for a little bit, and right then someone pulls up to the house in the car. Two ladies get out of the car and I recognize the one as the contact i had made. She tells me “hey I am going to go shower right now, but my sister will talk to you guys while I am showering”. I was like “ok sweet!” SO we went in and started to talk with the sister of my contact. Well it turns out that this lady is a member of the church who was baptized about 6 years ago and since then has been inactive. OK well so in this moment, I start to realize that this was definitely an inspired visit that Heavenly Father wanted us to make. She goes on to tell us how her husband had been murdered. She asks me to explain a little bit of the plan of salvation and where he is right now. SO I start to tell her about the spirit world and all of this and how she needs to do the temple work for her husband and everything. She gets really emotional and also realizes that we were there at that reason for a specific purpose. Well, as we are talking about her dead husband, all of a sudden we hear someone turn the door knob and open the door that was right behind us. We all turn around to see who it was when the lady says, "NO one is there". She then went on to tell us that every time she talks about her husband, things will occur such as doors opening, she’ll see his reflection in the mirror, and a bunch of crazy stuff. SO yeah at this point, the spirit is pretty crazy strong. She asks me why things like that actually happen. I explained how the spirit world is actually here on the earth and that the veil is so thin that sometimes we can see through to the other side. I bore my testimony how he was just waiting for her to get worthy, to go back to church, and to do his work for him in the temple! She got emotional again and told me how when I had been explaining these things it was as if i had a light surrounding my figure, as if i were an angel. Well that one hit me pretty hard. I had never heard anyone say that to me before! Let’s just say that it was an amazing learning experience for me and my comp on the spirit world, the spirit, and the calling that we hold! SO yeah, we are going to go back to being able to teach her sister as well!

And just a random side note, all of my dreams are now in spanish and they are all about missionary work! haha. I don’t think I have had a normal dream for like a month now. My comp says he will here me talk in my sleep, giving someone a lesson in spanish! haha. Or asking, "hay algo que podemos hacer para ustedes! (Is there something we can do to help you?” Oh but the other day i did have a crazy dream and I woke up in a dead sweat, because in my dream, Dad was like some apostate who was ripping me on how the Book of Mormon isn’t true and all of this stuff. Obviously, I owned him in the discussion! haha, but when I woke up, I got to thinking how lucky I am to have been raised by two great parents who are members of God’s church. I Wouldn’t be where I am today without you, mom and dad, and also this gospel in my life. I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that just by applying its principles, we will completely change our lives, and find true happiness! Sure love you all,

Elder Holmes

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