Monday, April 30, 2012


Well so I would like to give a couple of birthday shoutouts to Craig Chilton this 3rd of May and also that same day I want the Padua family to know that I will be thinking about them as it has been one year since Uncle Bobby has passed away! I love you all so much and I hope that day is great for you all. Also happy birthday to Bishop Willardsen. I know I am a couple of days late but I hope that it was a special day for you on Saturday! Ok well this week came as a pretty big surprise for all of us here. It was the week of cambios and I thought that for sure we would both be staying but Elder Rojas was called to go to a different area. We found out Saturday in the night and he was pretty sad to leave his first area and also a little sad because we had a boss day on Sunday!!!! So let's just say that a bunch of miracles happened and that the Lord blessed us a ton. Well to start off Carmen and her mom came to church and Carmen is really pumped about her baptism for this next week. She has really changed a ton and she had a really good time playing soccer with us this last Wednesday and all of the jovenes in our ward. So also 6 other people came to church yesterday with a baptismal date for the 13th of Mayo. Yeah I know a pretty great week huh. Well that isn't even it, 3 of those people were a mom and her two daughters. I called her in the morning on Sunday to see if she was going to be able to come and she said no sorry, but we will have to come next week. She already had said that to us last week so I was feeling a little bit frustrated with her. Well so I kneeled down to say a prayer asking God to work a miracle with her and her family. So we then went to pick up the other investigators that we had planned to come with us to church. One of the ladies said that her daughter was saying she was not going to go to church and all of this stuff but then when she woke up on Sunday, she had a change of heart and wanted to come to the church with her mom. Well she is the same age as Carmen and so they were able to talk and became pretty good friends so that was boss. And then the last lady we went to pick up said Elders I think that God was showing me this morning that I should definitely go to church with you guys today. We asked her why and she went on to tell us that she woke up and wasn't going to go to church because she had a bunch of work to do and stuff but when she got to her computer, the internet crashed and wasn't going to work for 24 hours, and then her clients bailed on her and weren't answering their phones! Pretty awesome huh? This is the same lady that we talked with her sister and the crazy we experience with the door opening behind her and everything, so we have had some real cool experiences with her. Well so we then all went to church and I was pretty happy with the three people we had brought and they all seemed pretty great, but then when we got to the church and the lady (elia) and her two daughters had come to the church by themselves because her daughters started to tell their mom how much they wanted to go! I know that God heard my prayer and that through her daughters, they were all able to attend the church as well. It was a really awesome experience and a great answer to all of the prayers I have said and the hard work we have been putting in. So we will see how everything progresses with all of them and I hope that they will all be able to progress towards their goals that they have set. So this is all why Elder Rojas was a little bit ticked to leave, because we just started to see the fruits from all of the work that we are doing and he got called to another part of the state of mexico. You're probably all wondering who my new companion is and where he is from. Right? (yeah i know you mommy! haha)! But I am actually going to be training again so I won't receive my new comp until tomorrow! I will let you know who he is but I am pretty sure that it will be an american kid. Right now for today I am with Elder Hyde and he actually just got a new comp as well, and his comp is elder Messner! He's my friend from byu that was in the same hall as me and also a good friend of mine in the mtc, so that is pretty boss. Well on top of training again, they have also called me to be district leader, which is pretty overwhelming and humbling, but I know that I will be able to do everything with the help from my Father in Heaven! Well that is just about it for this week! It was a pretty eventful week and I am a little bit nervous to be training and having to give my first junta on Wednesday, but all will be well! I sure love you all! Love Elder Holmes

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