Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Great Baptism! June 8th.....

So here are some pics for you guys! 

And then another pic of when i was working in Hidalgo! Everyone has sheep there.  
That's the stereotypical mexican pueblo! 

The before and after pics of the baptism!  
I am so stinkin big that I am covering up the hermana on the day of her baptism! haha.  

Hey fam,

Happy birthday to Aunt Jill today!! And also to my little brother Nick on the 11th.  And Nick Chilton on the 13th.  I hope that you guys have excellent birthdays!  Elder Holmes is thinking about you guys, and I sure love you a lot.  

I was extremely happy to hear about the family goal to read the whole Book of Mormon before I get home!!  I hope that you guys are all keeping up with me! haha.  Actually this last week was EXTREMELY busy, and I almost didn't have time, but you just motivated me even more to finish the Book of Mormon.  I am excited to see us all complete that awesome goal.  What an awesome mom that we have!! I love the Book of Mormon, and like Joseph Smith said, "It is the most correct book upon the face of the earth and it will bring us closer to God than ANY other book on this earth"! What a great promise, and a promise that I really have seen in my life! 

Alright so this last week we almost saw a big surprise here in the offices!! The other new assistant came in so that he can be trained before the big split!  IT IS ELDER DOVE!!  He has also been one of my best friends here on the mission.  I am sure that you remember hearing his name in some of my letters home! He is a great kid, and it sure is a fun time with him and Elder Hyde here.  So with that change of having one more assistant, President didn't have enough missionaries in the field and he was thinking about just sending me out to the field for my last 3 weeks.  I wouldn't have been too sad because he was going to send me back to my old area of Lomas! But Elder Hyde and Elder Dove felt like they still need a lot of help and training so... I stayed here in the offices.  It would have been a little hard to leave this area and everything just for the last couple of weeks! 

But speaking of LOMAS... Last sunday NATALIA got baptized!!!  I am sure you don't remember who she is, but I baptized her daughter named CARMEN about a year ago!  She, the mom (Natalia), could never get baptized because she wasn't married, but then just this last month, she got married and then baptized!  I remember contacting her in the street as if it were yesterday!  Well last Sunday was stake conference, so i got to be at the baptism of the Hermana Natalia and even directed the baptismal service!!  It was a super special experience for me, where a lot of tears were shed.  I will send you guys some pictures today, and maybe you will recognize them from a year ago.  I love them a lot, and I am so glad that they have progressed soooo well! 

This week like I said was an extremely busy week, and we haven't worked even 1 minute in our area!  This afternoon is the first time that we will work in the ward. 
On Monday we had our meeting with President like always, and then we had to plan the presentation for the interviews and the trainings that we are giving.  Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we were up in Queretaro for training and interviews.  We stayed the night up there with Elder Hurst and Elder Smith.  Then we went to Hidalgo for the next two days, and we just got home last night in time to plan and go to bed!  I am pretty tired because of all the traveling, and whenever we travel we have to stay in the houses of the elders.  Here in the mission the houses only have two sets of sheets, two pillows, and two blankets (for the missionaries who live there)!  So what do I get when i go on divisiones with them?? Usually a really awesome mattress! not!  Actually its usually a sweatshirt that i can use to cover myself up with if it gets cold.  And if i want a pillow, then i can use my white shirt from that day!! haha.  So you can imagine that I always sleep really well! haha.  I am pretty tired today, but I will get over it.  Next week we will be here in the state, so I will be able to sleep in my own bed! YES!! 

Its been really weird saying goodbye to all of the elders in the training meetings, because this will be the last time that I see all of them! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!! I love you all a lot, and I dont want to think about it, but I will see you in 2 and a half weeks!!

Love you,

Elder Holmes

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