Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Most Special Thing I Have Ever Done!

Hey Family,

Well I want to start by wishing a Happy Father's Day to all of those dads that are reading this email!  I am so grateful for my dad, and everything that he has done for me.  I love you so much dad, and I hope that it is an awesome day for you, and the rest of the dads that are reading this.  I loved the video that you sent me, dad!  What impacted me the most was that dad out in the rain changing the tire.  I have so many memories of road trips, and different difficulties that we have had on some of those trips, and it reminded me of the attitude that you always have, and how you are always just trying to make us happy!  I also wanted to send you a video, but I couldn't download it, so for all the dads out there, go to mormon channel and go where it says mormon messages and watch the one that is called:  "Earthly Father Heavenly Father!"  (I guess you could just google that title, too!)  I love that movie.  Anyway, also a FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS to David Lewis and Janice Savage!! I hope that you both have great birthday celebrations.  I sure do miss you all, but I guess I will be seeing you pretty soon!

So this week was kind of the same with all of the interviews.  It was another crazy week that we really haven`t had any time in our area to work.  We have just worked a couple hours like last week, but it has sure been a great experience to be in those interviews.  We give the same Training every single time, so I am getting pretty good at it after my 8th time! haha. It has definitely been a blessing because i have learned and strengthed so much my testimony on the law of chastity and the blessings that come from living it.  In the talk that Elder Bednar gave in the last conference, he talked all about our potential as children of God, and then explained the blessings that we lose by breaking this very sacred commandment.  He promised us that by keeping this commandment, not only will we see God, but that we will be comfortable in His presence! I love that blessing, because it is one thing to SEE him, but a whole different thing to feel comfortable when we are with Him.  

I was sure glad to hear about the Book of Mormon challenge that you guys are all doing as a family! I was sure grateful, because it also got me to echar mas ganas in my reading!!! I had kind of slowed down there for a little, but this week I finished Alma and I am now into Helaman.  I loved the scripture Alma 44:4 where he is talking about the warriors in times of battle.  It is something that I actually sent in a card to all of the leaders of the mission.  The scripture says that the only way that they would lose the battle would be if they disobeyed the Lord and denied the Faith.  I related this scripture to us as missionaries.  The only way that we won't accomplish our goals of the months is through disobedience and denying our faith.  I love the testimony that those young men had in the Lord and the great faith they always exercised.  

So in the interviews with President, the Hermana Call has been serving hot dogs to every zone! What does that mean?? NINE days of hot dogs for Elder Holmes!!  I am going to get off the plane looking like TOMMY BOY! haha. I will need some gym buddies when I get back.  Today we went to bowl, and I didn't play too great but I still trashed these two companions of mine! (they are reading this as I write!) Well that is about it for the week! I will write you guys next week for my very last time! i can't believe that!!!! I love you all so much, but I am realizing that the hardest thing for me will be taking off my tag!  Being a representative of Jesus Christ is the most special thing I have done in all of my life, and I still don't want to think of the day when they are going to take off my tag!

I Love you all,

Elder Holmes

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