Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 25th Letter from Elder Holmes

Hey guys,

Sorry that I am on so late today, but I thought that I would give you guys some time to write today because everyone always gets mad at me for getting on too early!  Looks like you guys are having a great time in Steamboat.  I think i would need the hands and feet in everyone in the family to count how many family vacations that you have done WITHOUT me! haha.  I can't believe that Elder Stutz gets home today!! That is so exciting, and I am sure that he did amazing things! I know that he was just a total stud as a missionary and that everyone just LOVED him. Congrats T stutz! 

As for me, today we went to visit some of the converts of Elder Hyde in one of his old areas.  It went well, but it was a pretty busy day.  In the morning, I cleaned the whole house, so it has been a busy day with no rest time! This week didn't have too much excitement besides the baptism of Regina!  Her brother got home from the mission on Tuesday at about 9 o clock at night.  We asked president for permision to stay and at least be able to see the baptism of Regina.  Right when he got there it was right to the water for the baptism.  It was a really special moment for all of the family, and there were definitely some tears shed!  The spirit was felt really strongly, and I hope that it helps the family return completely to the church.  They are a great family, but have had some different challenges within the church.  But that is pretty normal for every great family.  We just have to stay strong, and lean on our testimony of the true church on the earth today.  

Other than that, nothing really else went on this week.  We went up to Queretaro on Thursday to do some inter-cambios with some elders.  President wants Elder Hyde to be really familiar with the areas in Queretaro so that when the new mission is made, he will be able to help out the new president with everything.  While we were up there, we also ate with Elder Hurst (my old comp) and Elder Smith (one of my other best friends here in the mission) at a place called Pampas.  It is a place really similar to 
Tucanos!! It is sooooo boss, and some of the best meat that I have ever eaten here in Mexico!  They bring all the food to your table on swords just like they do in Tucanos.  I will send you guys some pics of everything that happened this week! 

To finish, I will answer some of the questions that I received in your emails:
  • How did the elders in the mission take the changes last week?
  •   All the missionaries are taking the changes well with the new mission, but it has been super hard for President and the Hermana Call because they now have 2 years in the mission, and all the missionaries that are here, arrive with them as their mission president. 
  • Will the President visit those zones to say goodbye to those missionaries placed in the new missions?  
    • I think this next month he will be doing interviews with all of the mission, so I think that he will just take advantage there to say his good-byes.
  • Were you asked to extend?  For how many weeks?
    • I was, but he understands that I am going to be THE BEST MAN! He knows I have a bunch going on.  It would have been for just 2 weeks. 
  • Are things really ramping up with the split of the mission? Is that happening June 1st or July 1st? 
    • They have been making adjustments and everything for the new mission, which will take place July 1st.  They are building new offices and everything for the new Queretaro mission. 
  • And how is your back.....
    • The doctor here ran a test and said that it looks like I may have some calcium build up and that I should just drink a ton of water.  This hermana gave me some weird tea stuff that has seemed to be helping me.  I have also been pounding water though.  I have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes but I guess that's a good thing!  It gives me pena to go into the hermanas bathrooms every rato. haha. (That was some good spanglish! Let's see if you can figure it out, because thats how I am going to talk when I get home!) haha. 
Love you guys a ton,

Elder Holmes

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